Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Today finds me totally unfocused and lacking  a sense of purpose.  Just one of those days but annoying as we have to start organizing our trip as we leave Sunday.  At least my hair appointment is booked.
This week i started a little class at the Derwent Academy online;  just simple drawing of principles and things I know little about.  No that is not a croissant at the top, it is a shell!

have to show this desk as it is almost tidy.  If anyone wants to send me some OC or anal traits I need them.  I just end up shuffling bits and bobs around the table.  My new water bottle is always there.  I just sorted out my business card index and trew out my past!

Desk below I have doodled around adding to my No Excuses journal and practicing Whimsical Lettering.  On the left is this weeks Prompt for Journal 52.  Really like this project as it is an opportunity to use whatever medium speaks to me.  

Playing around with the settings on the Samsung smart phone.  It is a topic that intrigues me as some things have size restrictions on sending them to sites.  it seems skewed logic sites want low pixels and phone/cameras keeping upping pixels.  Great if you print, not for sending off into cyber space.  
last week there were several questions about my Menieres and the hearing aid.  Menieres army of persecution move in with me some 30 years ago .  Over the years I have controlled the vertigo with Serc a drug not easy to obtain in the USA, as it is not FDA approved.  It maybe produced by something they called a compounding pharmacy, at twice the price it costs in Canada or Mexico. It means getting an Rx and buying from Canada Pharmacy.  it  also seems to control nystagmus, eye movements, and nothing works on tinnitus.   The worst is vertigo (the dizzies) now controlled I am finally trying to hear better.  The hearing aid is a Phonak, I think its an Audeo Q.  I continue to use the loaner from the clinic as the audiologist wants to be sure i am comfortable with it before forking over an arm and a leg!.  So will continue for the next month to assess .  It is hard to believe that i can hear.  The tiny behind ear device controls background noise and tinnitus.   

The physical therapy for my balance or lack of balance is going along fine.  It leaves me tired;  hard to believe but is as if my sensory system is worn out.  The equivalent of running a mile for ears!!  

It is truly summer here in Texas 97F (36C) today, cloudy so the humidity makes it feel much hotter.  With the world in turmoil I feel ready to hide away in my hill top home and bury myself it art crafts and Pinterest.

have a fab week, plan to visit as many of you as possible tomorrow.  it is so incredible to meet everybody and share passions and lives.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Last week crept up on me and before I knew it, it was late Wednesday before I realized I had missed posting to WOYWW  Today I am starting on Tuesday. Hectic week as i am getting physical therapy for my balance. It is really tiring, possibly because balance involves eyes, ears feet and brain! 

This week, I worked on all the journals and trying to learn to draw.

I made a quick sketch of the Disney castle in one Journal and in No Excuses journal i am keeping up with the daily writing. Behind the journals are two entries for Journal 52, on the left is "Under the Sea" and on the right "Nostalgia".  The latter is about my home town Warrington.  I Googled it and was unable to recognize it.  Talk about you "can never go back".  the revitalization removed almost every remnant of the place i remember. it was even in a different county!!!

I also changed the desk area around opening up the room.the true reason was to have light as i was drawing and coloring.
Here is the work space today.

As well as taking physical therapy I am trying out hearing aids.  This pair is quite amazing as they are digital and so background noise is controlled.  On Friday I return them and try out one that sends signals entering the left ear to the right ear.  In the right ear i have a 20 % hearing loss and around 40 to 50 in the left.

OK it is now Wednesday I will post have a great week and check Miss julie Dunnet  to find out what WOYWW is all about.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

265 Making Chamges

Hello everyone. Just a brief blog today to welcome our Wednesday get together. Head to Miss Julie's desk to see what it is all about. Writing this on PC and may have to switch to iPad for photos if they do not sync.


Above the desk somewhat tidier than last week and at the top my computer desk moved around so I can face the light when painting. Below first attempt using all watercolors and my new black Unibal Vision fine.

Thanks to everyone sending well wishes re hearing tests. I have Meniere's Disease. It is nothing new as it was diagnosed well over 30 years ago. Now it is better defined and I am trying out hearing devices to see if there is any improvement using them with my hearing.

Between keeping up with my journals last week was a few days of learning Dropbox and other mysteries of syncing. We golden oldies struggle with all this technology as we have had to learn when fingers are large and key boards minuscule. It was a much simpler life when clouds held rain and not photos!

Off to find that cloud, there are now at least 4 carrying my images(note photos are only truly photo's when images are printed)around the heavens. That is a nice image when in truth they are stored on a whirring machine in places unknown. Oh they have arrived but refuse to be posted!

Had to switch to iPad for posting photos on Blogsy.

Have a super week.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


In an effort to catch-up on all my journals, absolute insanity has ensued. The desk proves the point!

First of all it was Draw Your Awesome Year and getting the June background finished and on to filling in the days based on travel notes. Next was Journal 52. This became more complicated as the grand ideas for each weekly prompt just never worked and lots of angst and rethinking followed. Looking at Chelle's samples, I felt this was meant to be simple and nothing more than a background for journaling. One prompt was "Making a mandala". Since I have absolutely no interest in this topic and a complete inability to make repeated patterns of symmetrical shapes this was a tough one. Then i found a sample of Washi tapes, dye cut a circle from it and had fun with something completely crazy. Progress was extremely slow on completing all 6 prompts and one prompt remains to be made as using my Tombows and the blending pen to create a scene did not work. A re think, well a revision of my thinking on, how they should be used, resulted so this has to be re-done.

All of this was dispersed among parties celebrations, doctor visits and tests.

Celebrating hubby's(L) birthday with Art and Kay

Yesterday was the "water boarding Day". So named as the grand finale of several tests aimed at sending you into a spin, consisted of cold water then warm(it felt hot) water being poured into the ear. A very disorienting day followed. Computer problems, really lack of knowledge about the more complex things, to me, of the computer world has been a MAJOR time gobbler. Lets start with transferring photos from cell phone to blog /Facebook/ gmail. Simple! had to download app, Dropbox, and at a speed that makes the USPS look fast downloaded photos from phone to PC. YUK!

So here we are at Wednesday. Julie the queen of WOYWW, has been "proper poorly" though there are rumblings from the throne that she is making an excellent recovery. You go Julie; hang in there and make the most of the sick status.

Please visit http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ and see what this is all about.



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Now what week is this. WOYWW

Here I am after four weeks of travel. We spent a week traveling to Florida to mee our daughter and fmilyat Disney world. Total visual overload. Wild an crazy! Tried to keep up journals, well sort of. Too much happening, made brief notes and now catching up. ( i should say I had gel nails put on before I left and they ar now so long I cannot type.)
Here is desk everything dumped. Journal pages completed today for Draw Your Awesome Year. Rest is vacation stuff, Waiting for a  home.

 I managed a visit to Urgent Care on day 3 in Orlando only to find I had acute bronchitis. (Second time this happened on a visit to Florida) Add to that dehydration. It was 92 degrees for first two days and on day 2 we spent day in the Magic Kingdom.  Very hot sweaty and miles of walking.  Lesson learnt. After that I was big consumer of water. It was really Fabulous.  I am a total Mouse fan. Disney world is quite incredible  It was hard to get our family to see you have to plan what you want to do.  Disney is not an extended midway (fairground to you Brits).  We did see all four parks and family manged the two water parks as well as trips to other Orlando parks.  We stayed at Fort wilderness campground and went by boat to the magic Kingdom.  It was quite exotic looking out at the natural landscape and vegetation even though I think the lake had much man made help.  Animal kingdom is my favorite in the world.  

And when I find how to transfer photos from smartphone I will post photos. Ab fab time. Time change is driving me nuts.

So now to catch up on what you have all been creating.  Hope Ms Julie is on the mend.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

258 wow do they go fast

  1. ( cannot get rid of this 1 no idea how it go there. The joy of the digital life)Today the desk is sorta tidy. Just stuff to take on Vacation. We leave next monday for the Mouse House. You know Mickey's place in Orlando with another 50,000 folks.

Onto my desk, trying to catch up with Journals and prepare for vacation with family from UK.

Here is my desk. Journal 52 for this week is photography. I have never been interested in this topic but snap photos as we travel from place to place in the RV. They serve as momentos of a trip as I shoot through the window of the RV as we move along the highway. I used Picasa to print them, I'm a little rusty on it so I made the Wallet layout and joined and folded pages to be an add on, the concertina fold. All round are travel needs, stickers, a book for the trip and the journals I plan to work on as we ride along. I think Tombows will go with me rather than watercolors.

I like to work on journals etc when traveling I10 east it gets boring and journaling make the time pass quickly. It also amuses Chris while he drives with pens, pencils, ink and paper flying.

This is a fun entry in my No Excuses Journal. It is is the weekly prompt called a sprout. This week was to do something in the style of Buzza Motto. Look it. Up. It was a style popular in UK in Art Deco era. Clarissa Cliff made china in this kinda style. Not a style apparent from aparent from my vignette, but i enjoyed making it.

The week before it was to make a pattern from embroidery. I plan to add this photo of a piece I made after a class with Judith Montano on embroidered landscapes. But for carpal tunnel it would have been my art of of choice. Since i framed it the image is not too good

Tomorrow my goal is to visit y'all (that's Texan). Now will check Ms Julie who showed an amazing ATC case in an earlier pist. she started this site to allow us all to visit. So try WOYWW and meet amazing crafty woment from around the globe.
And so too bed.
Hugs Monica


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

WOYWW 257 This week has wings

Thanks you to everyone with all you kind thoughts last week. Hubby saw doctor and was immediately put on a very high dose of Valtrex and the nasties slunk away.

Last week i saw an incredible doctor about my menieres disease and for the first time in over 30 years felt hope that there are procedures the just might improve my hearing enough for me to understand what people are saying. I have poor hearing in my right ear and very little in the left. It is possible that the left van be tapped to assist the right. It was all very high tech and long medical words but she was succinct, knowledgeable and positive. A good foundation for hope.

So on to the desk as that is why we visit each other. This week I want to catch-up on journal and prepare for our vacation. Almost there but life does get in the way however pleasant and so here we are are almost there.

This is my desk after not quite a day of working on journals, to right is Journal52, prompt is hand and to right week16 recycle and above refresh.
This to the left on the deskabove sprouts for No Excuses andbelowit the Draw your Awesome yearjournal with Joanne Sharpe.
As you see i have been busy. I also started the free Strathmore class with Junkie Journal Fodder men. I plan to just follow them for the time being. Its free and you just sign up and soak it in.
Well Julie I am trying to be brief as i look back over today and realize my Journals need to be filled in. Having to come up with interesting drawn vignettes for the journals rather than writing.
Have to go forgot dinner. So see you all maybe later tomorrow in doctors waiting room!
Go create.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WOYWW 56 Correction 256

Nothing today. i was meeting a new doctor, my doctor left town and referred me to a Dr. Susan King. My lucky day the first doctor in 40 years to offer hope. not to restore hearing just maybe my ability to hear a little clearer, to loose the tinnitus and maybe improve balance. What more. Cures are Fantasy. Really to improve functionality however limited is a gift. I have had Menieres Disease since 1976 and it has progressed to the point where hearing loss, no balance and tinnitus interfere with life. Just to improve a little is the gift. Every doctor I saw said there was nothing they could do. i grasped at many straws. This woman has a solid training, a desire to help and science in her grasp. So a hopeful future awaits. Sorry no desk today just happy. Meanwhile life goes on Chris has shingles, he thought it was mosquito bites. That is on the road to control. And tonight I feel a little drunk. I would show you all the marmalade we made from 4 very large Houston grown grapefruits but alas, sync is not all the geeks would have us believe. We made it using an Aussie recipe for cooking in the microwave for 20 mins. A couple of hours later it was not setting despite all the efforts to help it along. We just canned it and will check at weekend when we have toast for breckee. Oh the photo of marmalade is on smartphone who is so smart refuses to sync it to ipad or PC, proper little God! So just go and visit all the WOYWW SITES AND GET AWED AND GIGGLED OUT By a lot of fun folks. IPad is acting up Hugs Monica

Corrected title on PC  from 56 to 256!.......Problem now with a Plug in.  It is 4.08 am.  I better post and go back to bed.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



when it'sTuesday it feels like the week has flown by. What have I done, a time to reflect. This week was mixed I made pillow covers for the rv. Not too exciting.then I worked on my journals that was twarted by intense pain in right hand, the return of. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Yeeks I thought it was cured with surgery. No an intense session in the gym with a substitute teacherresulted in this. i thought it was my practce in drawing but no, it was the gym. So rubbing in Penssaid and now a nightly splint it remains . Well it has eased off but enough to slow me down.

My desk top after all the clean up and more clean up to sew it was great then wham bam, I decided to do a collage. My desk was back covered with collage material for the Journal52 Prompt to use old stuff for a page.

This is the page a crazy quilt block in paper. Quite simple small and a result of a massive search of all those little bags of unused stuff.

So folks today I was trying to download an app for. Menue planning Food Planner. I hoped it would save time and organize me and control the accumulation of great cooking ideas in the fridge. These apps are never simple and 3 hours later I was going nuts as the notification kept going off every few minutes. Why, a mystery of the mobile unflods. Forget how and why I had set the dam thing to a ringtone of wooody woodpecker. I was ready to strangle that bird na d could not find him. By chance the right hit and there he was lurking in some corner of my phone. Several hours later he was snagged and excomuicated to his app. So currently I have a phone that rings but who knows what is lurking to drive me crazy tomorrow.


If the writing is wierd, well that is today along with iPad and its need to be the supreme controller.

I am going nuts