Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Today i am tired as one of the really good instructors filled in yesterday at the gym and it was a real workout. It is always the next day it catches up. 

 This week it is flat out on No Excuses and Awesome Year journals. I am attempting to improve my script. I feel it may be a lost cause as my "fixed" carpal tunnel seems to have returned.  

Here is one of my workspaces, the desk where I like to sit and write.  It is the right height and so is easier than the work table.  The orange bag was a gift and is perfect for traveling art supplies.  It is a good fit for the traveling water color paints just purchased.  Another learning experience that requires lots of practice.    Note the spelling error in the lettering practice book!

below is my other workplace  My kitchen .  I love cooking.  Chris offered to help so he got to peel the onions .  It is for a venison chili for him and a friend tomorrow.

That's it from me I have to go and get dessert.   Strawberries and ice cream.

Visit you all tomorrow.     

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


First i must apologize for not writing comments last week.  I visited many sites and had problems.  It is something related to the speed of our internet and poor service to rural areas.  It just was taking for ever to load pages and when I tried to comment i really felt it was shouting back "you want to WHAT?"  It is a bit like me with parts not working some days.

Writing this around 3.30 pm  central time so I get it done before feeding time beckons me to the kitchen. My husband is helping the guy who came to up date our media junk. I hope it doesn't mean more wires. Meanwhile I thought my watercolors would arrive today but they did not.
Now here is the shocker!!!
Look no mess. I could not find my metal ruler so lights, action, boom. Not quite the flick of a fairy wand, and  you see the cutting mat exposed first time in month,s alas no metal ruler. the search continues......

Hence computer desk had a right sided clean up. The stuff next to the wall, the right side is " where to put it stuff".   You know, all that stuff that doesn't fit the categories you  spent sleepless nights thinking up. There is an old Wacom tablet, hidden from view, the sort before touch screens and that can be tossed with the kitchen sort out( the other zone of where to put its. My kitchen drawers are bursting with things i never used or were presents or things that are a little broken. These can still be used if you hang by your foot from the ceiling.(fat chance and so does fixing them)  I also have a clothes closet with too big clothes, too formal clothes( they are from another life), and some why did I buy that stuff. The thrift store will deal with most of that stuff.

Enough rambling. The week was fruitful and i completed last weeks sprouts project for Gina Rossi( great name she gives a prompt and sample), the off you filled with incredible ideas. But for more on this you have to join the No Excuses group on FB.  This is an altered page. Have to figure how to get it in journal

This one is for Journal52

And here below is Calendar Challenge not finished. This is where i try out water colors that did not arrive hence the white areas. 

Above is some practice lettering from the Joanne Sharpe Book The art of whimsical Lettering". I worked in my book from her class .
Now what has this to do with anything.  It is The Game of Workspaces.  it is a chance to see how other crafties around the world work.  I tis the brilliant idea of MS Julia Dunnet.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I just wrote a blog and lost it. This is a bad computer day. The videos in my class Draw Your Awesome Year would not load. The techie at my service provider said i did not have enough internet speed. It is no different than it was in the past two years. Yet suddenly it is too slow. i think they give you any answer and I blame myself for not asking why it is suddenly too slow.
Half the afternoon was wasted on that and I had great plans for today.

I will post this and switch to Blogsy see if that works.

The book called Back to School is for the class to accompany the book The Art of Whimsical Writing, that finally arrived. It ischock full of information that I am anxious to work on if only all the problems would go away. The picture to the right is for Journal 52 How Does Your Garden Grow. I followed the idea Chelli Stein used on her. Blog and painted the background black using acrylics. Then when it was dry painted colors over it then added flowers in white and finally colored them with Tombow markers. she though the black gave depth. i think it just tones it down .

I have been trying out watercolors using the cheap ones I bought 5 years ago. Today I ordered a travel pack of Senneliers. i hope they really are worth it. Watercolors and a water brush are easy when you travel. This all came from cleaning out of Bloglovin and unfollowing all the blogs that are just product driven. Those blogs make you feel you want and need something and by the time the products arise you have forgotten where and how you saw them. They were replaced with some watercolorists that I recently discovered, well really I took the time to read their blogs and liked. People like Dion Dior, true talent.

This week I was cooking a lot and forgot to take pictures. I again made the Meyer Lemon cheesecake with the ginger nut crust and a lemon curd topping. It really is incredible. We had friends over and it was a pizza evening. The crusts were fine but I skimped on the toppings after reading that too much topping ruined a pizza, the experts were wrong. Well let us say there was enough wine to compensate!

Well it is time for bed here. Enjoy your week and I plan to visit as many blogs as possible through WOYWW.

Night night


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Here in central Texas it is a gorgeous spring day and what joyful spring activities are happening here. Well not much. Finishing the mini vacation laundry and putting all the stuff away. I wrote in the three journal during the tripand now catching up on the weekly assignments for Journal52 as well as monthly for No Excuses. I am pisses at Amazon that my book my Joanne Sharpe has not arr ed. What eve executive selected USPS for delivery needs to be shot at dawn. The packaged reach Kerrville yesterday morning and was NOT delivered today. Ok bithcy bitch over.

here is my desk, that is Journal52 on the top and for this week I will make a collage.

Below is my computer desk now used for water coloring etc. note I seccumbed to a cup of tea. That is my Callendar challenge journal atop a magazine and other journals. In the upper right is a bok of Kleenex , prisma pencilseye drops and Pitt Pens.

Meet Warren (on the left) and Jimmy Buffet, the lady at Paradise House in Rockport named them the Bali Buffets. We thought them a perfect addition to our bedroom and they settled in immediately, falling in love with the blue bath room

This head is from Paradise House as well, by way of Indonesia. He is made from a tree root. We have a couple of others on the deck. Chris has to come up with a way to hang them so that th gale force winds do not turn them into flying figures. The yellow glow is due to the color of my kitchen and the bright sunlight peekining into the south facing high windows.

I wrote this early and will post when the earth moves and wakes my Brit friends up, or maybe it is the moon visiting Ms Dunnit, she is the creative force and general nut case behind WOYWW. It reLly is amazing to visit blogs around the world and see that every country has messy and neat and all shades in between when they craft.

So i am off to refresh my tea and start on my collage. Well shuffle torn bits of paper in hopes of a lightening bolt of creativiy will strike.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Well Julia is this a landmark or is that at 300. Here we go another week of checking workspaces around the world and another week of non cleanup for some of us. I prefer to do something other than clean up and the latter looses out when Time is at a premium. If you want to check out what all the woyww is about head here

My desk after a day at Deanie's studio i just dumped and caught up on calendars.
Working on these projects for 2014;
art calendar challenge.....Kate Crane.....A group on her FB site

Draw Your Awesome Life........... Joanne Sharpe. Monthly prompts now paid class is over  on FB and year long follow up.(sign up on her blog).  I just bought her book, the Art of Whimsical Lettering, when it arrives i will participate in the online FB site.

No Excuses Art Journaling. .....Gina Rossi Armfield, monthly, weekly, daily assignments. Buy book and follow on FB. I bought this book for free postage when I bought Joanne's book. This arrived and I was carried away . Another senior symptom. I love it and decided to catch up on march!

This is a weekly assignment.  not drawn prior to this.

Journal 52........Chellie Stein.........Weekly prompts. Bluebeard and Elizabeth got me interested in this one.  this prompt is draw your character. 

Working on journals is a ploy to get me to do something and learn to draw enough to please me, based on a theory buzzing in my little grey cells that practice makes perfect. My definition of perfect is not quite perfect! The variety of projects allows me to do this and to participate using my acrylics and Gelli plate , some collage and learn to draw and watercolor etc.
I am posting this fro m ipad but will correct later on PC. Any errors may be caught then!!!,

Now on PC and think I got everything.  getting good at using Blogsy on iPad.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Today I am late writing this post well today I am early as it is 5.30am.  usually write the post on tuesday and yesterday was to tired after a trip to San Antonio.  Trip started in cool fog and when I returned it was bright sunny and 86F.  Regrettably in the night was high wind, no not from me!  It was blowing all night.  No rain but very high wind.  I kept waking up to see the bird feeders swaying.  

Well welcome to another What's on Your  Workspace  Wednesday. Number 249.  Check out Mistress of madness Miss Julia and find what it is all about.  her is my work space

I am working on No Excuse Art journaling .  I bought the book to get free mail from Amazon.  The Art of whimsical Lettering book by Joanne Sharpe will not arrive until end of March so I started on this journal.  In San Antonio, I found Staples and changed out the 5.5x8.5 online journal purchase for the larger.  When I arrived home I immediately set out to work on it.  What you see is the start of the month of March; those splotches of color are how I see March, green = sprouting, red for the returning of the humming birds,( we saw the first one last night but it was not a Ruby Redthroat), and blue for the Texas Bluebonnets, it will be 2 weeks before they show up here.  The pink is for all the flowering trees that yesterday yelled spring from the top of their lungs.  Behind this Journal is my Kate Crane Calendar Challenge.  I redid March and to the upper left Joanne Sharpe's Awesome Year.  This is my year to go crazy for calendars. It is an attempt to improve my skills.  

I cannot get the photos to sync over from mobile.  so that is it.  Don't you hate the control all these devices have on us!

have a great week.  need more coffee!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A love letter 1917

The Great War of 1914 to 1918 was called the "War To End All Wars". Rather a naive concept. More than a war between nations, it was a war between what was and what was to be. The old world was dying and the new world was yet to be born. People of all classes, cultures and nations saw it as a great cleansing fire that would lead to a better world. This post is about a Christmas letter sent to Gladys Jones in 1917 from her sweetheart, who was in the trenches.

This little journal page was for a group called Journal52 and the prompt for the week was love letters.

His name was Gerald and he returned from the war a year later.During the war he met many Canadians.  Impressed by their stories of a new  and promising land, he decided he wanted to start a new life in Canada. He promised to retrn and marry Gladys as soon as he had a job. Months later news reached Gladys through his family that he had committed suicide. Gerald was an artist, a tender kind hearted man. All wounds and pain are not visible.

Gladys married Bert Smith in 1925. They adopted me in 1945. I am forever indebted to this man i never knew. Who knows what my life might have been life without this kind and loving couple.

Bert Smith 1925, engagement photo

the letter. 
it is hard to read, we are not used to this kind of script!

this is the reverse side of the letter.  it would have had to go through censors to make sure there were no references to location or secret codes or to insure  enemy would not know where they were.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Missed last week due to family matters. I really missed everyone . I visited lots of pages and could not comment due to some wi fi problem. I am convinced my wifi is inhabited by a gremlin or possibly one of the Living Dead from Game of Thrones. Thanks to Julia for bringing up Google+ issues. Sorry I cannot comment on Google+.   Google+ keeps trying to hi jack my blog.  Driving me nuts when I try to post then edit on PC.  Writing this on iPad,  Drats spell check not working. They must have got in iPad. 

 So if you are new to this rambling discourse it is the brain child, yes Julia i am laughing, of the Divine Ms Julia, she of many names, and join in.

This week starting early and hope to post this evening as it is Tuesday afternoon here in Texas Hill Country. It remains cold. Hard to believe on Sunday it was 86F, 30C for you Brits, on Monday we slowly plunged into arctic maddness. I half expected to see polar bears basking on my deck and we even had thunder but just enough rain to sprinkle scattered blobs of hail hereand there. Today it is slowly warming and by Friday we get back to 80. So the weather men predict.

Here is my desk.

I am working on two calendars, Kate Cranes( top)calendar challenge, Joanne Sharpes' Draw Your Awesome Life, the leaves on my photo above and Journal52.  Prompt for this week was swatches so I created a cityscape with paint chips . I started this project 9 days into it so I am catching up. I really like this class.  Can't believe it is free Chelle Stein is an interesting person and she puts a lot of work into this project.  Here is a link to an interview with her on The Journal Junkie Journal

week 1 is up up and away, a start to the year.  Mixed collage on Black cardstock.

week 2 is done with water soluble crayons and Pentel colored pencils.  Also just had to try my new parallel pen.  i discovered the ink is not waterproof!

Week 3 is what I will be when I grow up.  I was influenced by an article about girls applying to St. Andrews!!!

Week  8. Simple poem using clipped phrases, gelli plate background and edged with Washi tape.

really enjoy this class and i seem to need a kick in the pants to do anything. I ordered Joanne' s book The Art of Whimsicle Lettering and she is having a class to go along with the book. I really need a live class on this subject with an old style teacher who raps your knuckles if you don't practice.

Have to make dinner so off to play with chili. Have. Wonderful week. Hope cooking goes better than iPad!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WOYWW 246.

Another week has flashed by and here we are off checking each others desks. This past week left me little time to create with lots of the humdrums to do and to add to it all a sneezing, coughing cold. So when time was available to create it was mired in stuffed sinus, itchy eyes and runny nose.

I managed to keep up to date on my art calandars and to watch a video that CPS sells with Joanne Sharpe and her Lettering. So here is the desk. I made Chris a thank you card based on a page I saw on Pinterest from Rosie's Arty Stuff. Turns out she is a Brit and some times partcipates in WOYWW. I cannot link to her blog from my iPad so just Google her. Mine is not as arty as her page but her wording touched a spot in my heart and was just what I wanted to say, changed up a little.

This was a busy social week and we also made marmalade as our friends Carol and Larry gave us some grapefruit and Meyers lemons. They grew them in their garden in Houston.

We discovered that you can sterilize and process in the oven and avoid cauldrons of boiling water. This is good as we have an electri induction top and all the pots and pans have to be stainless.

Now a question to all of you who participate in swaps. What do you do with post cards, ATCs, etc that you have accumulated in years of swaps. I have all the old ones in bags and boxes and I am running out of room. So what does everyone do?

This is one corner of my room the east end of the window seat

More under the window seat

The other corner at the end of the window seat, store rolls of paper and bags of tissue paper

The wire thing was for scrunching up tiered skirts.

I would love to hear your ideas as some ofmy swaps are over10 years old.

Time to sleep. Have a great week.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WOYWW245 back to routine

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and comments regarding the death of Tripper. We now have entered the happy memories phase of life when we talk of Tripper. I do expect to see him sitting by the door every morning and in the backet in my studio. They are happy thoughts.

So my desk, Journal from l to R My practice book my Draw Your Awesome Self from Joanne Sharpe Class and my art journal for the art journal challenge.

I really enjoyed the class with Joanne Sharpe and. It is my first attempt at using Tombow Markers and really using the Caran d'Arche water soluble crayons i bought several years ago. I have never worked with water colors since childhood.  So for this year I will work at art journaling, in the "Draw Your Awesome Year" journal from Joanne's class and the art journal calender Challenge through Kate Crane; this will be with acrylics and gel plates. 

 I spend far too much time on the internet with FB and Pinterest and feel if I drop some of the people I follow I may do more of my own work. I follow a lot of folks who are selling their latest product that they come out with every week. This way I can really enjoy the work of people who have impressed me from visiting WOYWW as well as some of the people your blogs introduce. I feel myself being overtaken by the next great gadget, paint, dye or whatever. If I really attempt to use what I have then I might even learn to appreciate my own stuff. Commercialism serves to make you feel spending money on the next product will improve your art when in reality you need to make some things more than once.  And Practice. This years lesson to self!!

Last night we went to a wine-dinner sponsored by our favorite winery, Navarro wines from California. The restaurant was Otto's German Bistro in Fredricksberg TX. As a Valentine gift to us, we decided to spend the night at the Haufman Haus a B&B owned by the Chef parents. It was wonderful and one of the cats shared our morning. he managed to meow outside the door as we had our coffee in bed. 

Wine and food were incredible and we met some fun people. Happy we stayed over night as the past two days are below freezing. I am so fed up with winter, the longest in the 11 years we have lived int he TX Hill Country. It is supposed to be 70 (21C) tomorrow, quite up from 29F (-2C).

I will try to post this and add other photos on PC! photos posted to FB can be copied to PC but unable to sync.