Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WOYWW 424 OR IS IT 423 OR......

Good day everyone.  
now lets see if my blog can post photos.

My desk earlier, now a mess as I made another background.   over the last weekend My focus switched to trying to understand Google or as I like to call it "Empire Google".  After all they do seem to manage everything.  Facebook has become too political.  All the hate spouting out from everyone on opposing political sides that I want more control to read and visit with people "of interest" or more correctly my interests.  Thus began my attempt to understand Drive, Photos and Google+.  The latter is the one I have not fully found how to use.  But thanks Sarah for your help.

The photos on my desk are from my husband's 80th birthday party, a very noisy robust evening.  He refused to count the wine bottle that went into the garbage!  I want to make him a birthday book and had everyone sign it with good wishes .  These are the only photos I have as everyone was too busy talking laughing and socializing.  Possibly due to lack of teens and others under 40.  Yesterday i meant to add them to his album, a Black Dylusions journal, but ran out of steam.  If anyone can refer me to a scrapbook or memory book they have made and posted, I will be very grateful. 

This week making icads for #icad 2017 .

#42  prompt onomatopoeia

#23 Alice in Wonderland

#37 Kamaoji

Also completed Rae Messigman's Wanderlust lesson, a journal made out of departmental envelopes.  Since I was unable to find these envelopes I just used the tan 22 x 16 size  this is front cover.  Will use as travel log for a trip to California

 more icads , Oh it means index card. the challenge is to do one a day for 60 days using her prompts and to post to Instagram under #dyicad2017.  you spend about 10 minutes on them.  I spend more time posting them!
this one is #35 and prompt, your favorite type of apple.  Most people do not use prompt.  I just look at it and go from there.

#icad30, 4th of July
 # 29 Polka dots 

Well have to go as it is time for gym and I need to try out Notes for shopping list on my mobile, to see if I "get it"! 
Have a great day will visit later today.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


SO EXCITED     back again working.  tried everything cleaned and cleared and just left it; we had problems with TVs and computers so we turned all off and unplugged etc.  All electronics seem to go out in 2 year period.  It was Good-by to Sunshine my yellow beetle and hello red rider, a new Hyundai Sonata with a lot of gadgets that may take the rest of my days on earth to commit to memory! Today is July 4th and not a trace of red white and blue.  Mostly because the morning was spent posting icad on Instagram and a very plodding piece of social media it is after Facebook.  

This is for the Wanderlust Class of Rae Messigman.  She really teaches very well with great detail.  The pieces at the front are the covers of the book, she used department envelopes but they are not available in our small town.  Behind them are the signatures.  She likes to paint the folios as she does not like blank pages.  I am not afraid of blank pages just a blank mind.  I went along with her ideas as splashing around with paint is a real joy to me.  I dumped all the stuff done on tissue paper in the Gelli plate creations storage basket.  An attempt to be tidy. 

Since it is now a few years my Wednesday is spent in visiting UK and other countries  creative , that's all of you in WOYWW, I have started drinking tea every, afternoon and indulging in a chocky bikkie.( those 2 words send Mr Google into orbit, and placed Spell Checkers on over time).  I drink PG Tips, get it in this wee hamlet of kerrville.  The Chocolate digestive biscuit was replaced several bags ago with Hershey's Chocolate layer Crunch....sinful.
Ah no more photos.  Will post while at least one works
have a great week!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The missing week or 2.

  • This is my desk 2 weeks ago when I could not get photos to print.  had to clear cache....a week to figure it out.  Last week was hectic my friend Liz arrived from Chicago for a short 4 day visit to attend Chris's birthday party. 
  •    Once again it will not post photos.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

week 419 WOYWW

I spent several hours yesterday and today trying to post images on Blogger.  It does not happen. they appear in the "insert image box and that is the end.  No trouble with Facebook, Instagram or email.  Blogger is of no help.

will try visiting later today.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Today, inspiration is on vacation so I am reading book 2 of a series by Dorothy May Mercer. it is a series of 5 thrillers.  The police are portrayed not as idiots or misfits but as normal people with family lives, her writing style is a little business like and at times  old fashioned. It is an  escape; not just from the pain of 2017 but my art bust.  Nothing new or vaguely art is in my sight today.  I made cookies this morning, well the dough.  I will go cut the dough log up and freeze the slices to be cooked later as they are part of the planned celebration of Chris's birthday late this month.

 My large Wanderlust is  not what i want it to be, and i do not want to start on anything as we go to the vet soon for nail cutting and Xochitl is no where to be seen,  Ms Kitty has just demolished the stuff I moved to photo my icad offerings.  The current discontent is fueled by my attempt to "conquer" Instagram.  This year i am doing ICAD 2017  and it is posted on Instagram .  Somewhere in my head was an idea that Instagram was the way to go.  Now I can post there but i cannot move around.  My mobile is a little different but today i managed to photo and post instantly without going through Dropbox and my PC.

 no desk view just a peak at what I have been doing on my work spot.

 icads;  top is based on weekly theme Collage

This is day 6

 this is day 5 the theme is Kawaii

This is my Wanderlust book made on a day when i was really revved and in the color mode

time to find Xochitl and freeze the cookie dough.

Have a great week

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

416 8 year anniversary WOYWW

Congrats Julia for such a happy achievement .  It is terrific fun to see what people do , to find there are people who are messy like me and there are neat nicks.  The latter, alas, were always held up as model by everyone from mother, teachers and bosses.  Well maybe one nun who offered the observation that "outta sight was out of mind!!!!"  A philosophy I subscribe to.

Yesterday I was totally confused and thought it was Wednesday!!! wondered all day where this blog was.  I worried too after the awful event in Manchester.  My roots run back to that great city where the people are so kind.  My heart goes out to all of you who are grieving and hurting.

This is written before I read Julie's post or anyone else.  Just know you are all in my heart.

Here is my desk,

My room is like this after furious search for lost journal.

This week worked on a Kate crane class on patchwork.  I saw it more as cray quilting.

I enjoyed doing it so much I made a pocket for my journal using the technique.

well that is it for today.

hugs Monica #41

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Today it is dreary, misty, in sharp contrast to the brilliant sunny days of last week and the weekend.  I feel suitably dreary and have another UTI that makes me feel miserable.  

Working on Wanderlust.  The classes have been great fun.  This did not quite work out

 A journal page in May for Documented Life
The yellow is a pocket for my To Do List.  
As a retiree a calendar is truly all that is needed but old habit stick.

 monthly divider, 
I like this and plan more.
 Accordion book for week 18
the green folds dawn,  to the left is the orbit chewing gum box "altered"
This is the helpers best helping position.

Tomorrow, i.e. Wednesday I plan on visiting everyone to get inspired

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#413 WOYWW

I cannot believe it is May, where did April go.  It feels like time is on a fast track and I am off track.  So here I am ready to launch this week and check out all the great art and craft going on! 

 Trying to keep up with Wanderlust.  It is a fantastic project and very different than most classes.  They sure introduce us to some fabulous artists who give a peek into how they create.  Mine never comes out like it is meant to.  Despite this it is a great learning tool.  In 'Life Documented" an extension of the Documented life project, completed in 2015 and 2016 I have found fun in journaling and calendars with a fun group.  It seems to be run by a few Brits who have such a relaxed and easy way.    Let me show some photos of my weekly twiddling around.

This is an accordion book for a Wanderlust project.  It is not quite what i had in mind.  

here is my desk today Tuesday May 2, here May divider on right and on left a page called confusion.  Something that characterized April.

made a  batch of gelli prints, I always go mad when I make these.

So there you have it the workings of a confused mind over the past 2 weeks.  yes Wednesday was nearly over when I caught up!

Have fun and I plan to drop in on as many as possible.  Not always able to comment on Google+ sites.  A friend fixed(update/ cleared) out my computer at the weekend so I will see if the fix applies to Google+

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week411 of WOYWW

A big thank you to Kelly who noted i was posting this with wrong week  !

Hello everyone, its a bright clear, sunny day here in the Texas hill country.  Xochitl is recovered from her vet visit(ordeal would be her word) to the vet and her treatment for hair balls.  She received a bag of new healthy treats completing her return to health.  Today she is in full lizard capturing mode.  We have rescued one complete with tail.

I am busy working on Wanderlust.   This is is my first attempt using acrylics as they were intended and trying to follow the instructors video.  Since she was teaching a mermaid you can see I kind of missed !

Since everything was out I went on to set up a background for several journal covers.  here they are drying on the window seat.  no-one has ever sat on the window seat, it is uncomfortable.  so it now serves a purpose.

note work space, the silicone mat is there!!!!  yes i am clearing it up but the urge to communicate with the wandering desk watchers was too great to ignore.

So here you have if for this week.  My time to visit is about 1 pm here, after gym and shopping.  this means  in UK it is 7 pm.  

Have fun with WOYWW

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


My phone tells me the rain will let up in the afternoon and my weather station says there is a thunderstorm alert and another that there is no alert.  So here we are confused!

"I am helping Mommy by showing her where the treats are and reminding her it's that time"

Today I have knocked over paint in bottle, spray bottles as well as spraying everything but the surface for which it was intended.  Now I have overturned the third water jar.  Time to pack up.  Over the weekend worked on gessoing binders for Life Documented then painted and decorated them created pages and dividers.  Today I gessoed pages for Wanderlust. I am really tired so having a cuppa.  This drinking of tea is a direct consequence of this site WOYWW.  Once the real warm weather hits cider will take over.  
Binder after gesso and several layers

Binder finished!

This was my workplace this am

this is my window desk

and this is my computer space.  recently bought speakers so I can hear video.  Very good for  $20!

The "flowers" are drips and splashes from the paper covering work surface.  I was using the paper used on doctors  examining tables.

So for today this is it.