week 451 Jan 23 2018

Good morning everyone.  .  Finally, in my local grocery/general store HEB, found where they were hiding calendars and managed to find two in the perfect size for my studio and the kitchen.  The digital thing does not work out  and nor did the shopping list. I now look at my calendar every morning in an attempt to avoid missing appointment, and where there is reminder to write WOYWW on Tuesday.

Here is my worktable where I have worked on Journals.  This week I made the cover for my journal in An Artist's Study, with Kelly Kilmer.  Now have to make journal pages in this style as the class has finished.   My chosen artist  is Hung Liu.  Wanderlust is now into week 3, a Mandala artist, not a style I am comfortable with.  Life Documented is really fantastic and there are many  exciting journals shown daily.
So here is my desk.

Today is bright and sunny though the morning is cold.  The view from my window shows the cedar trees have not quite finished spreading their pollen as they rema…

450 week oh WOYWW

hello everyone I just figured it is Wednesday need to write my post for WOYWW. 
The cold weather has frozen my brain.
here is my work spot.  I am busy working on Life Documented, Artist study with Kelly Kilmer and Wanderlust.

This is the view of my desk looking down the table.  I just noticed the rack of spools of thread on the wall from my sewing era.  I cleaned out the shelves above and line up my journals.

And this is part of the west wall that needs sorting .  Decided to keep ladders up at all times!

I need to make another cuppa that just warmed me up.
Keeping it very short.   Have a great week.  Back to messy painting.

WOYWW # 449

hello everyone,  How are you?

This year the days elude me.  Possibly a side effect of a large cuddly cat taking over my bed each night.  and she really hunkers down.  so here I am off track before I start.  My desk.  For a second there I was all excited as I finally cleared off my desk, washed and vacuumed it, then I remembered I had a great idea for Wanderlust 2018( that started Friday 1/5)and  so went the clean desk.  Here it is .  The big idea was to use drips and after a mess with acrylics I recalled that ink is a better fluid.  Anything messy is heaven to someone like me.  SO THE END for tidy clean desk.

I also emptied all the receptacles holding scraps and all the stuff (that might be useful).  This is my hangover from being raise by parents that survived two world wars with thrift! It was also a bright sunny day.  my primordial ancestors were hibernators so I have revived the practice and never leave the house when it is cold.    .  
This year my time will be spent on 3 classes …


HAPPY 2018

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and your home made cards and gifts brought pleasure and delight.  
Here in the heart of Texas it has been below freezing for 3 days and nights.  I walk round like a zombie as I have layers of clothes.  We do not like the house temp to go more than 70-73 F, hence the excess clothes.  We even cancelled our New year trip over to friends as it was 29 F BY 7 PM and we were afraid our driver way would be icy and dangerous if the threatened rain arrived.  Turns out everyone else cancelled.  Hard to imagine but we had a party on the deck for 1/1/17.
I finally was able to work on my projects Dec 26.  and I have tried to catch-up on last years journals before we are too much into 2018.  Getting behind is a hangup so in order to avoid anxiety,  this week is spent on short fast actions.  Efforts to clean out my studio are abandoned.  The cats have contributed to this process by getting into a different basket everyday, always the one that contai…



Last week flew by in a haze of WiFi interruptions and all kind of problems as are system resisted the new.  Now after sending it to bed it is no longer naughty and hopeful this morning saw the last of the men in big heavy boots tramping through the house.  

Signed up for Wanderlust 2018.  It is one of the best offerings I could find and I like the Brit touch.  Their new platform should make everything easier.
One of the activities they had was a year long collage and final prompt was to cut it up.  here is mine,  it was a mess and I joyfully 

cut it up with a my big shot dye cutter to this and place it on a new background.  Like it much better.  Think it has something to do with quote about  "nothing cut in stone"!

Other than this I am trying to tidy and reorganize my studio since donating my serger.  this calls for moving all the stuff on shelves and thinking what is easier to reach with the ladder and is a rarely used item.  Also making way for 201…


ah ha! It is 4pm Tuesday and I just realized that means I need to write a post and post a photo of my workspace . (I like workspace as one word MR. Google).  He has underline it in red again.I have won by adding workspace to MY dictionary.  
Today hubby and I went shopping at Costco (a mega warehouse store).  It is always horrendous shopping with him as he acts like he is in a marathon and has to collect ONLY the things on the list and if we stay in the store too long we will be zapped up by aliens.
Here is my desk today

This week has not left me much time in my room working on things I enjoy.  There seem to have been a million things not quite working in my corner of Empire Google.  Lots of time was spent on resolving this and now I understand Google Slides/Presentation or do I?  
I signed up for Kelly Kilmer "An Artist's Study" starting Jan. 1  .  She is a super teacher. SO excited.  Also plan to continue with Life Documented, a super group of women with fun ideas.   …

Week 442 WOYWW

Hello everyone.   When I set out to write this early this morning I used my mobile and found I can post photos directly to Blogger.  This worked except it wiped out my already done text .  Who knows what alien is now earnestly looking for my photos in a tiny art studio on planet Whatsit  
 This is Thanksgiving week and Thursday is a holiday in the USA., celebrated by over eating and big family get-together. Will tell you next week what we plan to do. 
 Here in my studio facing the south end where the red packages and box are photo papers from Canon who send boxes of them every time I order ink.  

This is my work space  from the north end with Wanderlust materials ready to be put away.  Continue to debate whether I want to take Wanderlust 2018 or find something else, 
This is another view of my work space with the cards I just covered with gesso.  They are Jimmy Johnson fan cards perfect size for ATCs (he is a NASCAR Driver).  They are shiny plastic so I used Dick Blick white gesso as…