Tuesday, May 19, 2015


So far this week is wasted catching up with chores.  This means cleaning up the Salon du Monica is at a standstill.  I managed to keep Saturday and Sunday afternoons for projects.  so they are caught up.  Today I was reading Pavi's blog (Peony and Parakeet) and decided I really have to make cleaning out this studio a priority for the rest of the year.  

That way I do not have to stop my journals just get rid of more stuff and find a home for the stuff on the window seat etc.  For me it is finding a home for scraps of this that and the other; 

 A sickness that is aided and abetted by everyone who teaches mixed media on the internet, makes videos or gives prompts!!!!.  Yes, you know them.  The sort that encourage you to keep bits you cut off and under paper!!!  Of course it is useful, the day after you throw it away.  And to Kelly Kilmer, the great teacher of collage and journaling who cuts out interesting pictures from magazines and stores them and encourages you to start a collection of images from magazines!!!!! She lives in an apartment and has to be the world's greatest organizer. 

 My collection since I started her class around 2010, is in concertina folders and bits are sprinkled around as in inspiration.     In fact the Japanese author Marie Kondo, who Pavi ( she was tidy already) read says  "Marie Kondo, the developer of Konmari method, says that we shouldn't keep things that have stopped sparking joy. She also says that very few items actually pass that test. "  Both these woman live in countries where space is a premium.  Here in Texas we just spread out.  Seriously, I do have to agree with these women and as a start have this year managed to not rush out and buy suggested supplies for my journals.

 From now on I am starving my "inner hoarder" and like the phoenix rising will allow a new Miss Tidy to emerge.  By morning this idea will be forgotten.

To check why we are exposing our mess check Ms Julie the creator of WOYWW

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I cannot post on iPad as iCloud seems to be raining down torrents somewhere or is ignoring me.  Tried to post on Blogsy for 2 hours yesterday.   Just not working today.  Continuing to work on my journals and keep loosing stamps.  I have looked everywhere and they are no to be found.  just used mobile to take desk again and here we are

Have to repeat a swap from 4 years ago.  Going back is not in my radar and I felt like I was doing a school exercise.  The one on the right is the original.  Not only have I had to spend hours searching for the photo and the original I then found that since the original was made out of silk and lace.  Silk and lace were given away a few years ago and the textile texture fluid long dried up. So recreated .  
 My kittens are now grande! Miss kitty is 10.5 lbs.  Xochitl is lighter and shedding daily, fighting brushing and has become a tree climber.  Just races up and down.  Ms Kitty found a falling tree and proudly demonstrated she can run up a tree too.  Alas she gets winded.  I think the virus she had as a baby is triggered by something outside.
So will try and prepare for the big 6 year anniversary.  Well done Ms Julia.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


So sorry to have been missing so long. missed you all.   The inner ear shots were completed at the end of February and the new hearing aid was ready before we left for a brief vacation in Florida.  The financial shock was harder to take than the shots for this.  Who ever comes up with workable inexpensive hearing aids like eyeglasses deserves to be venerated!

Despite everything I have kept up with journaling.  Cannot say i am pleased with everything but it is a real learning experience.  My pages for The Documented life are awful this weeks, is the worst though I have begun to understand Gelli Plates and how to use them a little better.  My experiments with water color and Tombows have both provided some gratification .  In the no excuses journal I decided to use more pencils to prevent bleed through and that is fun.  

The cats are gowing, their behaviour is atrocious. so we decided to let them venture outside.  At least Xochitl is wearing herself out.  Now that they can go out through their own door they seem to want to be in except at nightfall when we want them in.

Reading Susan Branches's book "A Fine Romance; a love affair with the English countryside".  I bought it as it is written like a travel journal.  Love it as I remember all those wonderful places she visits, her little drawings and the quotes.

Well onto my desktop is at 930am, before today's cleaning

this is at 5.30. 
 Now u will never get to see the window seats.  Advice : never buy Gelli Plates......they spill out into every nook and crany! 

 So have a great week and lets have fun!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hello everyone, sorry my post did not post last week.  Another cyber mystery no doubt foreign powers are trying to steal the secrets of a messy desk.

To those who have asked, last week was my final ear injection.  The doctor also patched up a hole in the ear drum. A surgical procedure that fortunately she is skilled at  It turns out that the hearing in my right ear deteriorated below that of the left.  SO now the current hearing aid has to be modified.  The once in the normal range right ear used to receive a Bluetooth signal from the left.  Now that is not possible so the leftie needs a "norm" aid.  The new young audiologist cobbled together a loaner as the truck delivering new supplies was stuck in the snows of Memphis.   Hopefully friday I will get the loaner.  I knew I had lost a lot of hearing but never quite got how bad it all was.  When I arrived home on Friday I heard Xochitl and MS Kitty meow for the first time. 

 Today my desk

Today involved working on my No Excuses Journal.  It is something I enjoyed last year but I wanted to move along and develop a style and rhythm.  Today felt like a move in the right direction.  My head seemed more alert and it was fun to make even though the color for the month was out of my comfort zone as well as prompt.  Pinterest is such a wonderful place to be inspired and try different things.  
this is Journal 52 where the prompt was to use colored pencils

This is DLP where the visiting artist Robin Mead used doodles then painted them over with gesso then watercolor.  I followed her steps as i wanted to see how water colors reacts to paint after drying.  plan is to try it again.  For now it is dinner and clear up time.

TO think when these two journal entries were started it was cold and gloomy. then the same this morning. Now here it is today at 4.29 pm.  SPRING HAS SPRUNG. The view from my studio window.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

# 300 WOYWW another milestone Mrs Dunnit

Now Mrs D did you ever believe when you started this that you would keep going to 300! Well here we are and sending you a big thank you.

This looking at blogs around the world has not driven me to clean up my act! Happily I have accepted the messy being I am and after this post intend to clean up as i am missing some bits and pieces.

Here it is my work table. Just finished one project and straight into next. Always afraid i will not get it done if i do not finished it over the weekend. Then I don't and so workspace stays in a state of suspended creativity, now that sounds a lot better than a mess!

The area next to the computer desk usually has great light. Alas, the past two weeks have been like the north pole here, dark and overcast and never getting over 40F (4.4C) , well Ok it is colder there, though I hear the polar bears are sweating it out! Today it remains gloomy but a little warmer. This has effected my affect so all the time I feel down!. Between the droning sounds in my head, lack of sleep and often under siege by the terror cats it is hard to get anything done let alone clear up. Also if i clear up I will not do anything so as to keep the room tidy.
Here is my desk. Showing the first stages of some watercolor intuitive art, and my No Excuses Journal, all interrupted by urgent paper work. Now complete; back to the real world.

Meanwhile Ms Kitty has asked for some exposure for her recent art contribution that she feels is not receiving any recognition So here she is.

" today i realized that my humans left the bathroom door open for me to do some more tissue sculpture. My viz.... Was ruined by Xochitl who started to chew it up and swead it fru the houzz. Then daddy shut the door. So diz waz all i did

Luv and purrs Ms Kitty

So folks off I go on clean up patrol and to find Xochitl who has added opening plastic bags to her repertoire.

Happy a lovely week and visit to all the workspaces and raise a glass to Madame Dunnet!



Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WOYWW #299

it is wednesday and the day to go around the world checking out what folks have on their craft space. I am writing Tuesday as we are on CT and no way can I usually post on Wednesday. Who knows, if we are frozen in tomorrow i may be at home all day. What a miserable week of cold weather, below freezing weather. Very un Texas Hill Country weather. I know it is hell on the east coast but they expect it and have all kind of special clothes etc.

The slope of the driveway makes it impossible to get out if it rains and freezes and this was what happened Monday and today Tuesday. Today, by noon it was 2 degrees above freezing and the driveways thawed. I headed to the store. So now I have to cook dinner and make some food for the cats who are not eating. MS Kitty, a little butterball, has refused to eat the expensive cat food bought for her and searches around the kitchen like she will find something. Xochitl is picking at her food. Both are active so here I go making venison and chicken liver in the food processor. Their lack of appetite has not stopped them from climbing up a wall hanging, jumping up to high windows and in Ms Kitty's case eating the butter after getting the lid off the butter dish! XOchitl is emptying the fruit bowl and plays with all the fruit. Favorite was grapes. Good thing we do not have carpets. Yesterday she played with a very large onion.

Yesterday I worked all day in my studio finishing the journal prompts for the week. Then loaded the fabulous video I bought from Peony's and Parakeets. The artist is Finnish and her name is Paivi Eerola.  I really like her style.  Turns out to be a lot more difficult than I imagined Her work in watercolor and colored pencils really speaks to me.I have both these products and do not know how to use them as she does.  

Below are pages for my documented life journal

Here is Journal 52, the aroma therapy prompted made me think of wine tastings and the BS that is spoken about the smells and flavors. It was taken from a real wine tasting!
Time to go and make cat food, and dinner for us, think its leftovers!
See you all when I visit your blogs.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


this blog is written on my PC and then photos will be added from my iPad when I open the blog in Blogsy.  iPad is out of juice and getting recharged. she behaved very badly after her upgrade and is not sharing her photos with dropbox.  She said it is the whimpy iCloud acting imperious.  

GONE another week.  Thanks for the comments last week they were really a lift to the spirit.  Thursday my hearing improved and through Saturday.  Then Sunday and Monday it was bad again,  Happily it is OK today.  Such is to be expected, amazed I have made it so far.  Just imagine Beethoven had this disease!  So far there have been no great musical breakthroughs, no concertos or Sonatas lurking in the Tinnitus.  BUT I have finished my DLP pages for this week and Journal 52.  What fun this weeks prompts were.  

This weeks prompt at Journal 52 was "windows".  A few weeks ago a crazy mockingbird began to attack the bathroom window driving the cats wild as they jumped from one to the other.  Eventually settled where they could see it in the tree.

The theme for this month is layers at the Documented Life Project the Challenge for this week : when not too Stop ; and the prompt, "Don't Stop 'til you get Enough, (Ooh)".  After many layer here is mine.

My studio remains in uproar and will stay this way over the next two weeks as so much fun is in store, tomorrow doctor in San Antonio and a little light shopping, Thursday is Deanie Day at her studio, now days mainly show and tell. On Saturday Chris and I will cook a fab Valentines dinner for two.  Steaks on the grill, cauliflower puree and asparagus with a salad of avocado and mango topped with a spicy coconut dressing and to elevate the cheer level a great wine from the Smith Sawyer cellars.  To round out this splendid evening of yummyness are mini cupcakes and petit fours from a local bakery, Rails, that only uses the best of ingredients and all butter.  

Have to say today the temperature has dropped to 78F from a high of 81 on Sunday. So a little bit of Sunshine makes me fell all perky.  

the north facing deck, time for a little sherry?

Oh I do love getting on my space ship and traveling to all your blogs.   See you soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I missed last week as early in the morning hubby had to be at the Ambulatory Care Center for his tri annual colonoscopy. (it was fine).I had not slept well and getting there at 6am in the dark was a true trial. 2 hours later I took him home.  The latest anesthetic made him forget so every 5 minutes he asked the same question.   I do not do well when I am tired so it was an early night and the next day the start of my week of horror.  For 35 + years I have had Meniere's Disease and although we controlled the vertigo symptoms about 15 years ago the other symptoms rear their ugly heads to menace my life.  Over the last three months my hearing has deteriorated and Tinnitus has taken residence drowning about most audible conversation and making life miserable.  Tinnitus invites his miserable little friend over (Ear Fullness and  Loss of balance)to participate in his takeover so that at times I feel wiped out.  The Doc, with one of those long titles is really great and honest.  A week of prednisone had yielded negative results so she inserted a tube in my ear added some ear drops finally persuaded me to a diuretic, very low dose and off I trotted home.  The ear drops are a pain to insert as you have to lie 20 minutes with head down ear up! the diuretic causes constipation and that brings along it's nasty friend.  So prunes and fiber with gallons of water solved that.  So as you can see wednesday was not a good day to write on a blog.  Oh a perhaps the worst of all the cats are on a fixed feeding schedule as MS Kitty is overweight and they are in protest and destruct mode.....watch too much TV and they have seen how to protest!!!

This week  i am trying to make my journaling more fun.  The photo is of my big desk and today I through down paint to produce something like under paper. Under paper is what you put down to avoid covering all around with paint.  I use Silicone mats, thanks to Tim Holtz!, so no under paper  So I started with Gelli plate then decided that was too controlled and what you see is the result of throwing almost dried up, cheap acrylics on brown wrapping paper and spreading with a rubber gloved hand.  I should have used two gloves as the left hand and sleeve were multicolored.  rush to hair stylist for renovation, forgot to feed cats, home and remembered it is Tuesday i need to do WOYWW.  

yes it is rainy, cold and feels like UK

Then on to finish my Documented Life Project journal, ideas and now the start.

Have a great week and create lots of wonderful things. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Today the sun is shining and the view outta my window is gorgeous.  Yesterday, front bridge with 4 teeth had to come out as root canals have signs of decay. The sound of hammering in your head is terrifying. Last week ear doc put me on prednisone as my hearing is deteriorating rapidly.  So I feel like I am in an ancient world were the harbingers of destruction  are closing in and the apocalypse is nigh!  Wow I like that bit of drama. 

 Everyday I sit and stare at an art journal and every day it gets easier to feel inspired.  My discovery of Gesso, thanks to The Documented Journal Project, DJP, has made working much easier as I can wipe out an unsatisfactory idea as a new idea spawns. So between spawn and fizzle new ideas replace the old with a splash of gesso and a quick brush.  This enables me to remember the great idea that spawned after the first idea fizzled.    

So Here is THE Desk

The the theme for the month of January in DLP is ways to cope with a blank page,  and this week the challenge was the color wheel and the prompt is from Georgia O'Keefe.  SO as not to be too literal and draw a color wheel I made up a flower.  The background was bright Dylusions sprays that i toned down with gesso.  It needs some finishing off. My daily visual journaling is on the left.

 This is Journal 52 I showed last week the other side of the Black and the prompt was Just Be.  I had a flash of an old crooner singing Gotta Be Me.  Well, I played with this one.  I captured me to the left of the black in the red glass table taking snapshot!!!!!

This weeks prompt for Journal 52 is "Opening Conversations".  "Do you come here often" is unfinished. 

So that's it from me.  I will get round to everyone in the afternoon and check out workspace thanks to our resident genius MS Julie  for enabling us. 

Thanks for all the super comments,
you all sure light up my day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another fast week for WOYWW 293

If i spend less time on Pinterest FB and Bloglovin I might have more time to write on my blog and then not feel panicked every Tuesday afternoon around 2.01pm.  Now this is not the fault of MS Julie, the sweet young thing who came up with the idea of this mosey around the desks of like minded persons near and far.  So if you want to know about it and join in head to Stamping-ground

 I am having a really fun time with The Document Life Project(DLP) My original intention was to use it as a way to practice my none existent drawing skills but my love of collage and mix media always wins the dilemma.  One reason when I wrote down my goals for the year they turned out to be the same as those of last year.  Carried away by prompts and Pinterest!!! 

 The tidy desk is gone replace by the true me.  With my new job, Mistress of the Litter Boxes a real lady in waiting(they wait until you clean it)I have days when that is enough cleaning etc.  Truth is I love a studio mess.  

Here is THE WORK SPACE, first looking at it with my back to the window and second view of when I look from the computer.

You can see my entry for DLP here .

My other journal project is Journal 52, I am one of 9,000 signed up for this free prompt and FB group.   this week's prompt was "Just Be".  For some reason my brain seems to check into the brain file box marked "songs" for any and every prompt, then I suffer from replay of a matched up song until an outlet is found.  Using it as a jump off for a journal page is this years solution to the Blank Page Fear and worse still song head Disease.  it beats a thousand push ups!  the song that Brain matched up was "I gotta Be Me" from a dead crooner and Mr Google's helping hand. I dew a silouette then filled it with cut outs that were about things I do, glued them down cut the silhouette out and mounted it on black(yes it is black) paper an attached it over the page I had doodled around on.  

The DLP this week had us use gesso then the prompt "The beginning is Always Today".  The Brain went berserk in the music files with this one.  Then when I was BEGINNING my morning chore as Mistress of the Litter Box a picture popped into my mind that I saw on Sunday during a feeble attempt of organize My Pictures.  I have yet to finish it but however I mess this up it stays.  There are about 4 layers of gesso and I used up a ton of baby wipes.  

Since Ms Kitty is adding pounds and Xochitl is hiding them within that silken fur it is a appropriate they formed the basis for models!.  Do not know who the artist was or I would buy up more as it was a card and the whole is super.   The blank page has a few less layers of paint and gesso and I think I want to make it into a daily visual of my life not every day just enough.  

Better get on with it.

This is the two BIG  kittens after a mocking bird gone crazy sighting.  

have a great week, will visit late Wednesday.