ANother Saturday

Yesterday I completed the back part of Camille's fan. I need to glue it to the front section. I am pleased with the front section. I spent hours trying to decided what mermaid to include and found this in an embroidery file. Originally my intent with this design was to hand embroider. That is very time consuming and something I like to do when traveling in the RV. Well, it was until I began beaded jewelry making. It is just an extension of needle work using beads instead of fabric.
Yesterday began birthday cards for 2 friends while fully intending to use PSPP11 just as a learning experience. Just too slow so after vacation will indulge in an online class, ugh I hate exercises for exercise sake but it will be the only way I will ever learn it. So I used Print master. The problem with Print Master is that is saves everything in its own format so that I have to print, scan, save then post.


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