Bead O Mine

Well here's a new learning experience. Not quite how I planned the layout.

This is one of my Kumihimo loom bead bracelets. Instead of caps I used a fabulous antique button. Its not plastic it's that 30's stuff. And the loop from size 11 beads. The bracelet is size 6 beads

Ok so it up loaded not quite how i expexcted it to. This is the loom I use (Helen Thomas's idea). She made it from 2 precut 5 inch square wood blocks and rods from Hobby Lobby. She drilled a hole in the middle, notched the sides and glued on the legs. Chris (DH) made this one and a couple of others.

The braiding technique is adapted from making fiber braids. I started off using small beads, 11 & 15 seed beads and have since experimented with large size 6 beads, not always with success. Basically you do have to make to wrist size as the clasp slips to the top and fussy folks don't like that look. This was why I resorted to making the loops and toggle/button. I find them prettier than closures and I am not very skilled at twisting wire for caps. Living in "the coutry" it is difficult to find a selection of caps especially wide ones. It's not as easy as it seems as different size beads create their own problems.


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