Kumihimo bracelets

Well this blog stuff has a learning curve and i just lost one.
This is all about my beading adventures. A long, long time ago I learned to add beads to embroidery in classes with Judith Baker Montano and then Nancy Eha. Nancy is the guru of beading quilts etc. Since i am not a jewelry type and no longer can wear pierced earrings, i never really became interested i beading until MaryHelen, friend and neighbor taught the Saddlewood Sisterhood to make braided bracelts and followed it up with a class for my fiber arts group on spiralbracelets. Everyone in the class made them with huge loops and every button they had. Not quite like the neat sweet things beaders make. Anyway I was hooked So after MH led me to the Tucson show where her sister Deborah whetted my appetite for things magical I delved into seed beads.

Chris made me a Kumihimo loom. It is not like the professional braid models but it works. Well can't get omages up so will publish this and try again.


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