More wild West travels

I must have made an error as I had to post. So onward to Utah. We arrived at Zion Canyon camping site around 2:30 pm. We were greeted with an evening rain storm. The next morning we explored the canyon choosing not to take the walk up the river as there were hordes of tourists with rampagers heading up stream. We had started the day with a guided tour by a ranger. It was pretty awful as they let them set their own program and this woman was a sort of philosopher type and I really wanted to hear about rocks, geology and the like. We should know better. (In the Tetons the ranger knew less than the people on the flower walk!!!!) we had four fabulous days exploring the area and of course visited Bryce. That is just awesome. What is amazing is you look down onto the rock formations rather than up. We did walk down among them. My fear of heights was held in check and in my new fitness frenzy the walking was a cinch.
All the RV sites were full of Germans and several other Europeans in those rented RVs. We came back through the tunnel from our trip to Bryce. Not only is it an engineering wonder but the road is spectacular. Again thunder and this time it was a bonus as the rocks were all smooth and flat and the rain casaded off like a waterfall.


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