Wild Wild West

The western USA is the most beautiful place to travel. This summer Kerrville became bogged down in rain. By July we had more rain than we usually get in a single year. We yearned for the dry westerned states and a few days of cloudless skys and blazing sun.

We left July 27 with a stopover in New Mexico at a state park called Lake Sumner a 500 mile trip. We always aim to get out of Texas on the first day. A lovely tranquil site and guess what ?there was a thunderstorm.
The next day it was on to Arizona. We prefer to go on state highways and avoid interstate whenever possible. We had another 500 mile day arriving in the evening at Tuba City. The RV park was attached to a hotel


  1. L needs to see this photo of your RV...she thought it was the "pop-up" kind! :)


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