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My mermaid

I finished my mermaid for Camille and mailed her Monday. She was drawn onto cotton, after painting she was fused and stitched to batting. Her tail was machined embroidered. The background is dyed silk. Beads ribbon shells etc were added. I combined hand and machine embroidery.
On the reverse side I painted the Lutrador and printed a verse from a poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson onto hand-made paper. I was so impressed with Lutrador I ordered a couple of yards from Misterart and it arrived yesterday.

Contemporary necklace

This was made from a pattern. I don't do well with patterns as I forget I am using a pattern and branch out into my own thing. It is a real variation as many of the solid color beads in my stash are tacky. They must originate in China where they now mass produce beads that seem to be totally lacking in quality control as they are never quite the same size or shape. The small yellow beads are an example of this and the small white that broke easily.
This is my Kumi experimental necklace. I wanted it to be a lariat and then decided to finish it with free form peyote and long knotted strands. The long knotted strands caught in the door handle of Carolyn's car. We rescued what we could. So I changed it to just a toggles and loop closure. (One side is Kumi and the other free form peyote in the photo o the right). The Kumi is very heavy and is a mix of sizes of seed beads and other specials.I hoped the blue would upload down here. This was originally meant to be a bracelet. It is the spiral loop. I made it too long and so added the tubular herringbone and a magnetic clasp and VOILA! After that class with MH i made several of these for presents. This is the only one photographed.

Kumihimo bracelets

Well this blog stuff has a learning curve and i just lost one.
This is all about my beading adventures. A long, long time ago I learned to add beads to embroidery in classes with Judith Baker Montano and then Nancy Eha. Nancy is the guru of beading quilts etc. Since i am not a jewelry type and no longer can wear pierced earrings, i never really became interested i beading until MaryHelen, friend and neighbor taught the Saddlewood Sisterhood to make braided bracelts and followed it up with a class for my fiber arts group on spiralbracelets. Everyone in the class made them with huge loops and every button they had. Not quite like the neat sweet things beaders make. Anyway I was hooked So after MH led me to the Tucson show where her sister Deborah whetted my appetite for things magical I delved into seed beads.

Chris made me a Kumihimo loom. It is not like the professional braid models but it works. Well can't get omages up so will publish this and try again.

Bead O Mine

Well here's a new learning experience. Not quite how I planned the layout.
This is one of my Kumihimo loom bead bracelets. Instead of caps I used a fabulous antique button. Its not plastic it's that 30's stuff. And the loop from size 11 beads. The bracelet is size 6 beads
Ok so it up loaded not quite how i expexcted it to. This is the loom I use (Helen Thomas's idea). She made it from 2 precut 5 inch square wood blocks and rods from Hobby Lobby. She drilled a hole in the middle, notched the sides and glued on the legs. Chris (DH) made this one and a couple of others.
The braiding technique is adapted from making fiber braids. I started off using small beads, 11 & 15 seed beads and have since experimented with large size 6 beads, not always with success. Basically you do have to make to wrist size as the clasp slips to the top and fussy folks don't like that look. This was why I resorted to making the loops and toggle/button. I find them prettier than closures a…

Nowt funnier than folk

Yesterday in search of a background noise while I endeavoured to learn a technique in Paint Shop Pro I switched to BBC America. I like talk not music so I thought they have so many rubbish programs this would be ideal. The guide showed that "Love me Love my Dolls" was just starting. Oh great! I like dolls especially art dolls. To put it mildly this was not what it was all about. These were life size, anatomically correct silicone dolls with movable joints; very anatomically correct. The dolls were loved, take that with all the meanings the word "love" conjectures and you have the picture. It was what I call jaw dropper show. So this 60 minutes did not increase my knowledge or experience of PSP.

The next offering was about young women who want to get on page 3 of the British tabloids. This is the page for topless girls to strut their stuff. So that would be OK program for background yes?, i would certainly not be distracted by young hopefuls flashing boobs. The prob…

ANother Saturday

Yesterday I completed the back part ofCamille's fan. I need to glue it to the front section. I am pleased with the front section. I spent hours trying to decided what mermaid to include and found this in an embroidery file. Originally my intent with this design was to hand embroider. That is very time consuming and something I like to do when traveling in the RV. Well, it was until I began beaded jewelry making. It is just an extension of needle work using beads instead of fabric.
Yesterday began birthday cards for 2 friends while fully intending to use PSPP11 just as a learning experience. Just too slow so after vacation will indulge in an online class, ugh I hate exercises for exercise sake but it will be the only way I will ever learn it. So I used Print master. The problem with Print Master is that is saves everything in its own format so that I have to print, scan, save then post.

Frustrating Day

This blogging stuff is another way to waste time. I have now recorded all the user names, passwords, questions ,answers, names and other things I will never understand, well for at least 3 weeks.
This is my fan panel that i made for the Fan Club a project of the Stargazer Tome group. It's my warrior woman. I have just made side one for Camille's fan and really like it. Will post tomorrow now is wine time

Here I go

I have no idea how and why I created this except it was the class homework for an on line class.
This is me with Lois & Ruth