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My jacket completed

This is the back of Chris's jacket. He is a Dale Earnhardt fan. The front of my jacket.

My Incomplete Jacket



when I casually asked Chris if he would like a sweatshirt jacket I never expected an affirmative. So for the past 7 days my mind and finger have strived to create not one but two jackets. There were 2 sites with cotton racing car fabric and one with Dale Earnhardt. Making stuff for a man is very very different, no wild ribbons or trim . i think I erred on too conservative. Just realized the photos are in the camera.

Book RR

I spent 3 weeks working on the second book in the Janet Book project. After I completed my two pages for Robin's book I found the book would not close so they were remade smaller. It is a lot easier remaking and than designing and so 3 days later there were pages that fit.
Her theme is Books so I chose Treasure Island and Shadow of the wind. This is treasure Island it is "interactive. This is the one that did not fit. It was really fun to do.

Bandera Celebration

This is Labor Day Parade in Bandera. I forgot the card for my camera so used a throw away. We went there for The Asleep At the Wheel concert at the 11th Street bar. The RV was parked by the river and we walked everywhere.


This is Kathy and Eric who we visited in Placerville where they live in the hills. Kathy is a fabulous cook. It was wonderful to visit them. Next time we will need to remember that not all the world is retired and visit over the weekend! The purpose of this trip was to attend a barrel tasting at Navarro vineyard. we have been members of the wine club for 30 years. So once we were camped at Mendocino it was off to the tasting. it was everything I dreamed of. GREAT wine, incredible local produce and super fun friendly people.

Wild West 4

We explored Kolab and want to return as there are great walks. Cedar breaks was incredible and the road was remote. Utah folks have a sense of humor for when we turned off 89 there was a sign "this is not route 89". next stop mono lake and terrifying ride over the Sonoran pass that at 10,000 feet is not really made for a 38 foot RV towing a truck. I did manage to open my eyes more than usual but my hands sweat. It's that view where I only see over the mountain top. That day we crossed one of those unsafe bridges. We had several adventures getting to the Calistoga fairground to camp. They had full hook ups.
California is the worst state in the country for signage as they don't number the highways like everywhere else and there are no sign announcing towns. despite the traffic and smog the countryside is gorgeous. The cows were not happy due to the drought. Ah yes the rain quit in Nevada.

Wild Wild West3

Here is Bryce. I do not know how I straighten it up so its ideal for looking at in bed.
That rain coming down Zion and intrepid fashionista travelers!

More wild West travels

I must have made an error as I had to post. So onward to Utah. We arrived at Zion Canyon camping site around 2:30 pm. We were greeted with an evening rain storm. The next morning we explored the canyon choosing not to take the walk up the river as there were hordes of tourists with rampagers heading up stream. We had started the day with a guided tour by a ranger. It was pretty awful as they let them set their own program and this woman was a sort of philosopher type and I really wanted to hear about rocks, geology and the like. We should know better. (In the Tetons the ranger knew less than the people on the flower walk!!!!) we had four fabulous days exploring the area and of course visited Bryce. That is just awesome. What is amazing is you look down onto the rock formations rather than up. We did walk down among them. My fear of heights was held in check and in my new fitness frenzy the walking was a cinch.
All the RV sites were full of Germans and several other Europeans in those …

Wild Wild West

The western USA is the most beautiful place to travel. This summer Kerrville became bogged down in rain. By July we had more rain than we usually get in a single year. We yearned for the dry westerned states and a few days of cloudless skys and blazing sun.
We left July 27 with a stopover in New Mexico at a state park called Lake Sumner a 500 mile trip. We always aim to get out of Texas on the first day. A lovely tranquil site and guess what ?there was a thunderstorm. The next day it was on to Arizona. We prefer to go on state highways and avoid interstate whenever possible. We had another 500 mile day arriving in the evening at Tuba City. The RV park was attached to a hotel