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tome #2

This is Tome 2

Tomes Cover and Inside Cover

This is side 2, the little book describes my theme etc.

This is the first side of Tome Cover. I gave the tome a theme Wild Wonderful Women as I work better with a theme.

Some how i cannot get the photos in order. I do think it would have been better to start the Tomes on the inside so that each side of a Tome faces the other. In other words pattis Tome 2 has side one to the left and side 2 to the right. I'm completing Tome #6 and later will try to make it work.

NASCAR photos

I even found an orange car. Chris coming out of Earnhardt's transporter

Catching up

NASCAR was fantastic. The noise the crowds the cars, the races, just a blast. Using a blank board book I created a visual memory of the trip. it requires a few more photos. They are in the camera as ONCE again I left the image card from the digital at home in the printer. SO I bought a throw away and lost it the second day only to recover it on the way home. So at a later date I'll throw in photos and hopefully Ruth will send some of theirs. Lois also had her camera so there should be some of the invasion of Missouri. So great to see Ruth's marble house and for the 3 of us to get together. My computer crashed when I returned and just as i completed Good Girl bad girl for Janet's round robin. So I created a different scenario not risque but within the time left to complete my part.