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Tomes 3,4,

Above is Tome 4. It was the first one I made. Below is the reverse side I did not follow the pattern but scanned an old card I had saved for 20 years and painted it. the background has fused tulle to hold down some of the embellishment like the netting from a sack of tomatoes. i sewed on some flower beads but some of them came off.

Below is Tome 3 I appliqued the arch and cut out and stitched down the flowers. The image is from the pattern. Four of us made this tome face so we could share supplies. We had a lot of fun and persuaded Lois she can make errors. She made a fabulous postcard from a face she considered incorrect.(Life is hard for perfectionists!)

This side is a mess. I have made so much with Tyvek since that first time Patti showed us how to use it in her Doll Chair Class that i wanted to try something different.(what on earth was I making a doll chair for, I must have thought I would make dolls ?) There actually is a face in that mess and the Tyvek and tulle were burnt away, …


To the left is the front of my Tome I themed it wild wackey women . I think it is easier to work with a theme.

This is the reverse of it. The red book tells all about my choice of themes. The text is printed onto organza and represent slang names for women used during my life.

This is Tome 2. to the left. I used pictures of warrior women. They were an obsession when I was treated for breast cancer for like them, I was in a battle for my life.This is the reverse side of my Tome 2. her clothes are Tyvek.