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FLORIDA 2008-Daytona

NASCAR RACETRACKS seem to want to create the atmosphere of a fairground and have lots of activities. At Daytona they have the Sprint Fanzone where live bands played and you could look into the garages and see them working on the cars. #88 always had a big crowd as Junior is a favorite. There was a great view into the pits and they even had an area for some sort of bungee jumping. The food even looked healthy and tasty at the Bistro. The food sold in the stands is specifically designed to increase cholesterol and clog arteries. They also had an area called the Daytona Experience that was verydisappointing. The historical part needs the touch of a professional curator. They are so busy trying to avoid emphasizing the connection to bootleggers, the side that many of us find the quite exciting and an incite into the struggles and triumphs of immigrants to find their place in America. Because this was the 50th running of the Daytona there was a parade at the start of the race that included…


This was the first time Sandra, Shelagh and I were together in 50 years. Shelagh and her husband, Brian, came from Canada for the winter. Chris and I where in Florida for the Daytona 500 We all met in Davie where Sandra lives. It was a fun day. We sure look nothing like we were 50 years ago. We spent some time with Sandra's daughter Dawn and granddaughter Alana. Alana is the reincarnation of her granny as a child. She is hyper, just like Sandra and never does as she is told, just like Sandra as a child. In other words she is a fire cracker. Little Sophie is quiet, very sweet and she shows signs of being quite able to claim equal time.