More Tome fun

Once a month, usually on a Friday I visit my friend Deanie to play. We started working on Tomes last year, then after the first 3 we had a hard time getting enthusiastic as it just seemed to be techniques we were both familiar with (we started with 4 other people who dropped out very quickly)and too much printing on fabric. So, we decided to use the techniques Pattie suggested in her patterns creating our own themes and designs and only use her design if we really liked it. Suddenly I was excited, so much so, that this month I even finished #5, 6, 7 & 8. I loved her woman for the first side of 5 and then I could not get going on side 2 then my muse kicked in or maybe I let her in.

Above is Tome 5. I used all the bits of beading I had made trying to learn different stitches. The bottom blue is tubular herring bone and I made it too big. So here it is recycled.

This is side two of Tome 5. I stamped a frame from my stash then added paper clay "artifacts" and other bits and piece that have laid around far too long.

This is Tome 6 and I just could not get enthused about making a doll in velvet. So I made foiled birds in the cut outs and a foil they used in automobile decoration bought about 30 years ago from Meryl someone who used it on wearables around the cut outs. pretty ugly eh!

This is the reverse side. Here I used a velvet that I embossed 5 years ago. I then made a pocket with Deanies dyed silk velvet. Deanie is an authority on dying and weaving she creates stuff to die for. I put the tags that I received in a swap with the Stargaze tome group into the pocket. The angel ribbon was added recently to prevent the tags escaping. That is a piece of the ribbon Sophie Gelfie sent me when my purse was voted the craziest in a French crazy quilt show.


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