Tome 7& 8

These two are my favorites and such a joy to make. On 7 the pattern was not followed, the tabs are the wrong way round.

This is Tome 7. I called it Friday at Deanie's. I painted the background for the studio and then made the figures from felt then needle lacing the women's clothes. The labs are black felt. This is the reverse side I wanted the machine needle lace flowers and leaves to be 3D.
This is Tome 8 and we used Pattie's pattern for the fairy house. it was such a delightful pattern and I managed to get it the wrong way round. I used buttons for the flowers and a trim for round the house frame.
This is the reverse side and is hand embroidered. I made the pocket into a wall and at last used a silk rod for the tree trunk. I sort of did my own thing. After 8 Tomes it finally dawned on me to put the holes into the background early on and NOT to extend the design into the tab area. On 5 I had trouble stitching it down if you are going to attach deep items onto a tome they should be done after the tome is completed. It may be easier to do it Pattie's way and turn them than to try and edge them. Since her idea was to use it as a journal of embellishment techniques this has also become a testing and record of construction techniques.


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