Westlin Bunker

Last week we attended an Alfa RV Rally in Montgomery TX. The rally was fun. We managed a trip to Messina Hoff winery, returning with delicious goodies. Then we decided, during out last day, to walk up the adjoining road to the building at the top of the hill . It was extraordinary not for the view or the building but for the the history hidden beneath our feet indeed it was just great fodder for the creative mind. For the chic office building with manicured lawns and delightful water fixtures had a pagoda and two other similar buildings at the far end of a bubbling pool. Nothing on the building told us anything about it. Just down the hill in the forest they were busy beginning excavations. A sign and drawing showed what they were doing. It was an emergency data recovery underground storage bunker that they were extending with underground walkways to the existing bunker.

Ah Ha !!! here was all manner of skulduggery and no doubt in a few minutes a limousine with dark tinted windows would slink up and large broad shouldered, dark suited men, faces hidden with dark glasses would surely sweep down on us . Or maybe men in military gear would descend from the soon to approach helicopters. That's what too many Netflix movies do to you. We looked up the company Westlin and discovered the bunker had a far more fascinating history than I could have ever dreamed up. It was built in the sixties by the crazy nephew of Chang Kai Shek (NOT the correct spelling). It was built to shelter 1,500 people from catastrophic attacks whether alien, human or natural. It was a whole underground world only revealed when the oil company (the nephew ran an oil company)that built it went broke.
Here is the lead to it http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/Building/2124/Westlin_Bunker__The.php

Wow all that happening in rural East Texas.


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