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Tome 9 & 10

tome 9 involved using transfer crayons for the background. It is on a cream silky polyester as they only transfer to man made fiber. The cat is painted Tyvek and I just drew the fish on card stock and cut it out. The flowers are burnt chiffon and Tyvek.

I painted the Pelltex, fused on this mermaid picture and surrounded it with Tyvek ( just obsessed with this product)and on the left painted then melted plastic bags. This too could be an obsession as the plastic shrinks in a very unpredictable way. The green on the left is heated, distressed cellophane.
Tome 10 involved making wool felt. Many years ago in Jane Dunnwold's class i made wool felt beads. It was one of those moments I knew i never wanted to make wool felt again. Anyway, Deanie to the rescue with this luscious wool felt she made. I will photo and post Deanie's tomes at a later date as she does not touch computers. That is a vintage silk pansy with couched threads.
Side two of Tome 10 is a felted and stitc…

Tomes 11 & cover

This will be the back cover

This will be the inside back cover. it is a new camera and I have not rotated this one so lie on your side. Ruth made these my imposing my face on Vogue photos. I used gel medium to attach them to the fabric.

The background is tissue paper that was covered with fine wool roving that has a glitter. The big butterfly was made about 20 years ago when I experimented with Gesso. it fades into the background as is is under the wool and some tulle. The other butterflies are made from fabric and are 3D
here is the other sides That's Claudine's ATC, Ruth's Postcard { she made a fabulous 3D ATC that is going on the RV wall}. Those are beaded scissors from Lois, my card for me, then Deanie's. I need to shoot them on their when not loading the RV and know the camera.

tome 11 was all silk but I was not interested in more photo images and frames as Patti showed so I had friends Claudine, Lois, Ruth and Deanie make ATCs. Well we all made them th…

More Mixed media

Here is my finished pattern book. I will start it off with the shorts i plan to make today. I will write about the adaptations to the pattern, leave a sample of fabric and eventually a photo or two. How very self indulgent. Those are straw beads another wonderful messy project especially good when you get in a funk.

This the box i made with the yummy painted muslin. It was a lot of work and an incredible learning experience. I never figured how my satin stitch was so awful so i avoided it with all kinds of stitches. For the box I looked up the manual and with the press of a few button almost perfect. Perfect would not be me and it was using this thread i bought years ago, because it is an incredible color, that was the source of my lack of. Any way it looks great.

This is the top

This class gets better with every lesson. It is a lot of work if you make the projects but why take a class if you are not going to work it? It is all mostly new and the techniques are all different than I have…

Mixed media Class

After previous on-line classes that resurrected old techniques with new names I was dubious of starting another one. The information on Sue Bleiweiss's class was just too interesting to ignore. And my logic went "her Fibre & Stitch site has fabulous free project" so i signed up and waited. A wait well worthwhile. I just love every minute of it. Keeping up is quite a challenge and the Yahoo group set up for the class is active and terrific. Amazing isn't it that we spend more time with stranger across oceans or miles away than neighbors!!!!

Here are my efforts so far:
The first sample is paper fabric, layers of tissue are fused to fabric, painted and can be stamped. I painted it then spray with shades of Walnut Ink. The first layer of tissue was bright pink.and I left a sheet of paper down when I sprayed. I used this paper/cloth to make a door for another project.

Next torn paper was fused to a base, sewn. decorated and covered with a fusible then cheesecloth and pa…