Mixed media Class

After previous on-line classes that resurrected old techniques with new names I was dubious of starting another one. The information on Sue Bleiweiss's class was just too interesting to ignore. And my logic went "her Fibre & Stitch site has fabulous free project" so i signed up and waited. A wait well worthwhile. I just love every minute of it. Keeping up is quite a challenge and the Yahoo group set up for the class is active and terrific. Amazing isn't it that we spend more time with stranger across oceans or miles away than neighbors!!!!

Here are my efforts so far:
The first sample is paper fabric, layers of tissue are fused to fabric, painted and can be stamped. I painted it then spray with shades of Walnut Ink. The first layer of tissue was bright pink.and I left a sheet of paper down when I sprayed. I used this paper/cloth to make a door for another project.

Next torn paper was fused to a base, sewn. decorated and covered with a fusible then cheesecloth and painted. I tore up a map as it will be a cover for my next travel journal.

I just love this technique and want to make some kind of cooking journal so I tore up images from various cook and drink mags threw in some recipes and VOILA. This will have to wait while I catch up on the class.
This is the door I made from the first tissue paper. I made the pots out of card stock and the flowers from FME. Later when I write about this project I will show photos of the whole project. will say it's my interpretation of Frida Kahlo " lost closet!


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  2. Hello Monica!
    Very nice surfaces you have made. The door is fantastic!!!
    Love to be your companion in this class.

  3. Hi Monica,

    Thanks for your kind words on my adaptation. Your door is neat! I too value classes now that teach me something new. So far, most of this is outside my experience...stuff I've wanted to try but never get to it. The class work gets me *moving*! And don't we have an interesting and busy group?!


  4. I love your journal. I might make a Caribbean jouranl since we take a cruise there every year. I also love orange, wear it some.


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