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Here is my finished pattern book. I will start it off with the shorts i plan to make today. I will write about the adaptations to the pattern, leave a sample of fabric and eventually a photo or two. How very self indulgent. Those are straw beads another wonderful messy project especially good when you get in a funk.

This the box i made with the yummy painted muslin. It was a lot of work and an incredible learning experience. I never figured how my satin stitch was so awful so i avoided it with all kinds of stitches. For the box I looked up the manual and with the press of a few button almost perfect. Perfect would not be me and it was using this thread i bought years ago, because it is an incredible color, that was the source of my lack of. Any way it looks great.

This is the top

This class gets better with every lesson. It is a lot of work if you make the projects but why take a class if you are not going to work it? It is all mostly new and the techniques are all different than I have attempted previously. Even making the tissue paper fabric is different.
So on to shorts while my Paverpol sculpture dries. Rather an arrogant description of a a pipe.


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