Tomes 11 & cover

This will be the back cover

This will be the inside back cover. it is a new camera and I have not rotated this one so lie on your side. Ruth made these my imposing my face on Vogue photos. I used gel medium to attach them to the fabric.

The background is tissue paper that was covered with fine wool roving that has a glitter. The big butterfly was made about 20 years ago when I experimented with Gesso. it fades into the background as is is under the wool and some tulle. The other butterflies are made from fabric and are 3D
here is the other sides That's Claudine's ATC, Ruth's Postcard { she made a fabulous 3D ATC that is going on the RV wall}. Those are beaded scissors from Lois, my card for me, then Deanie's. I need to shoot them on their when not loading the RV and know the camera.

tome 11 was all silk but I was not interested in more photo images and frames as Patti showed so I had friends Claudine, Lois, Ruth and Deanie make ATCs. Well we all made them then swapped at "my friends for lunch" I FME a dragon and a tree then covered it with the ribbon!


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