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Travel with an eye on the weather 3

we went to Chicago to meet with john and Liz. It was great fun. They plan to sell their home of 30 years to move into an apartment in Chicago's Lincoln Park area and cut out gardening and caring for a large house. Smart decision for urbanites who really groove all a big city offers. that means wining and dining at the cities great ethnic restaurants and doing art and interesting exhibitions scene. We always have fun with them. this time they came to Milwaukee with us. They stayed at the Hilton and we returned to RV that was in the Wisconsin State Fairground. I wanted to visit Milwaukee for the Bead and button Show and found that the week before that show there was a weekend of Indy racing. it worked out well as there is no where in Chicago to safely leave an RV.

The storms caught up with us on our last night in Milwaukee and instead of a farewell feast we went to bed early and left at dawn the next morning to flee Illinois by way of the tollway and on through Indiana to Ohio. Illi…

Travel with an eye on the weather 2

This is Millenium park in Chicago. That's me with Liz. It was a great day

Travel with an eye on the weather

We left Monday May 26 after watching the devastation a tornado caused in Waterloo Iowa, very close to our proposed route. Our first night was in Sulphur, OK at Cedar Blue park on a lake. The next day we moved on to Garnett, Kansas, staying in the city park as it was close to a pretty lake and fairly quiet.

It was a beautiful clear evening and we enjoyed the ducks fussing around their babies. lots of ooh and ahhs here. So next day we headed to Iowa and the threat of tornadoes heading east.

The Iowa Welcome center was oh so bucolic and even had an Amish horse and buggy tied up.

This was the end of bucolic musings and the beginning of fear and apprehension as the weather closed in. The west and the north displayed ever darker brooding clouds and lighting zipped across the sky. Nature's shows, while spectacular, show who rules the universe and Mother nature was in a funk. We decided to forgo THE Plan and head to a camp in an Iowa state park "Squaw Creek", that sounded high up a…