Travel with an eye on the weather

We left Monday May 26 after watching the devastation a tornado caused in Waterloo Iowa, very close to our proposed route. Our first night was in Sulphur, OK at Cedar Blue park on a lake. The next day we moved on to Garnett, Kansas, staying in the city park as it was close to a pretty lake and fairly quiet.

It was a beautiful clear evening and we enjoyed the ducks fussing around their babies. lots of ooh and ahhs here. So next day we headed to Iowa and the threat of tornadoes heading east.

The Iowa Welcome center was oh so bucolic and even had an Amish horse and buggy tied up.

This was the end of bucolic musings and the beginning of fear and apprehension as the weather closed in. The west and the north displayed ever darker brooding clouds and lighting zipped across the sky. Nature's shows, while spectacular, show who rules the universe and Mother nature was in a funk. We decided to forgo THE Plan and head to a camp in an Iowa state park "Squaw Creek", that sounded high up and had gravel, as opposed to grass, sites. A wise choice. We barely made camp when Mother Nature let loose. We soon realized that many areas around us were flooding. In June the farther north you travel the longer it is daylight. This means sun up is about an hour than we were use to. So we were on the road at & unsure how and where we were going. Our goal was to go through Dubuque, then into Wisconsin and Madison and finally into Milwaukee. We lost the storm and once again the land was green and picture perfect. Pigs in Iowa and cows in Wisconsin. Since we were not on a major interstate until Madison we missed out on maps and Welcome Centers. The Milwaukee State fairground was a welcome sight and the sun shone.

HHaving problems with uploading photos. The photo is from Chicago so i will start another post. Just say the weather was great in Wisconsin and the car racing fun. Milwaukee is a fun very pleasant city and I learned to love beer.


  1. What gorgeous purple wildflowers! I try to take lots of wildflower pics wherever we go. Love them!


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