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this is the ARCA from the back
This is the Arca with the TOMES. I made it like this as it is easier to removes the tomes. The tomes are bound into a book

Here is the top panel. I painted that image after I printed the outline onto fabric, it was then fused onto a stabilizer and stitched to red felt. Then the madness began. It is embellished and finally topped with Textiva and tulle. This was then put to the gun , the heat gun. Wow!!! I love the effect. here are the four panel before construction. They are made with fabric paper that is fused to the red felt after painting and a liberal dose of Angelina. The figures were printed on fabric painted and fused to the surface.
An ARCA is a special box according to Patti Culea, Queen Doll maker and originator of the Stargazer Tomes and Arca patterns. My ARCA was created to hold my book of TOMES. I used the techniques Sue Bleisweiss taught in her class on Mixed Media, to make the box. It is a terrific class and very exciting with m…