this is the ARCA from the back
This is the Arca with the TOMES. I made it like this as it is easier to removes the tomes. The tomes are bound into a book

Here is the top panel. I painted that image after I printed the outline onto fabric, it was then fused onto a stabilizer and stitched to red felt. Then the madness began. It is embellished and finally topped with Textiva and tulle. This was then put to the gun , the heat gun. Wow!!! I love the effect. here are the four panel before construction. They are made with fabric paper that is fused to the red felt after painting and a liberal dose of Angelina. The figures were printed on fabric painted and fused to the surface.
An ARCA is a special box according to Patti Culea, Queen Doll maker and originator of the Stargazer Tomes and Arca patterns. My ARCA was created to hold my book of TOMES. I used the techniques Sue Bleisweiss taught in her class on Mixed Media, to make the box. It is a terrific class and very exciting with many new ideas. I love this ARCA and plan to put it on the coffee table and ogle over it.


  1. this is a fantastic piece of art. I love all the detail you put into the arca. It's just as special as your tome book. great job!

  2. So cool, Monica! Can't even begin to imagine what you are going to do next!

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