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ATC Wall Hanging

In the second issue of Cloth Paper Scissors I saw a wall hanging by Dlae Rollerson and always wanted to make one. So I did. it was very time consuming and my carpal tunnel came back as it was hell hand sewing through melted stuff all 44 ATCs. I plan to add a few more dangles. It involved lots of heat gun application and burning. now I have a sodering iron with a pencil thin tip I can set the world on heat. I am making another, minus hand work and I plan to sew up all those other ATC I received in swaps.

RV nut case

This guy obviously did not know what he was doing. The land dropped quickly beneath the front of the RV.

The jacks are on the ground and the front wheels are about a foot off. I cannot imagine how they will get it to the ground. They say never have the wheels off the ground. This was there all the time we were there and no-one was in it. Everyon with bg rigs parks them parrallel to the shoreline

trip to Texas Coast

You would think that after all the years of living on the Gulf Coast that we would realize there is no way we can sleep without AC. Wrong we took off to the National Seashore, Padre Island, Aug 21 where generators have to be off between 10pm and 6 am. This was OK until about midnight when the cool inside has warn off. Opening windows invites in humidity that destroys any cool air. The first night was bad but a breeze helped somewhat. Night two was hell with no breeze so we packed up and went to Mustang island where they have electric hook ups. So a pleasant beach walk and dinner with friends followed by a cool night was just the thing. The walk to the beach the next morning was another matter. Mosquitoes the size of elephants gleefully descended on us every time we approached standing water or wet dune grass. The night walk had us covered in OFF. So the next day we headed to Goose island. It is on the water so no mosquitoes except in the tree shaded walks and there are hook ups. we wa…