ATC Wall Hanging

In the second issue of Cloth Paper Scissors I saw a wall hanging by Dlae Rollerson and always wanted to make one. So I did. it was very time consuming and my carpal tunnel came back as it was hell hand sewing through melted stuff all 44 ATCs. I plan to add a few more dangles. It involved lots of heat gun application and burning. now I have a sodering iron with a pencil thin tip I can set the world on heat. I am making another, minus hand work and I plan to sew up all those other ATC I received in swaps.


  1. OMG, your wall hanging is simply delicious! All the colors are my favorite colors. I'm taking an on-line class with Dale Rollerson at the moment and am having a blast. Again love you ATC's.

  2. What a gorgeous piece that is! I haven't seen anyone else do something like that with their ATCs. Lots of friends are collecting them, but keeping them in boxes.


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