CRAZY QUILTING A LA MODE-a soft sculpture

"What inspires you?" is one of those topics that frequents all kinds of art list.  The inspiration for my latest piece was a desire to create something for a friend and the timeline was tight.  Many ideas floated around  based on techniques and a new obsession - using accumulated fabric.  In this instance, to use fabric from my crazy quilt period.  The collecting was far more robust than the making.  A gift of the Painted Quilt by the Kemshalls had me fired up and the fire really exploded after watching their DVD.  I don't quilt I  free motion stitch as a means to an end and  piecing is an absolute no no. 

Suddenly there I was gathering silks in colors I never use, piecing and quilting.   All this so that I could paint it.  Here it is painted.  (above)

  Here is the back after the quilting.  I rolled paint onto the silk of the left and front side to create depth and texture and painted the flowers and hearts with acrylic, from WalMart,  Stewart Gill Byzantium  from Joggles for some glitz that does not show.  then I stitched it up to form a soft sculpture.  OK, OK it's a pillow but if you call it that it is functional and the silk does not stand up to wear and tear.   

I really like it.  Now I hope when Deanie and I start on our Kemshall quest in January that my carpal tunnel of right hand is healed and my quilting improves.

Here it is a soft sculpture entitled Crazy Quilting a La Mode


  1. That's definitely an interesting piece. I'll bet if I could actually see it with the glitz, I'd be even more impressed!

  2. Wow, Monica! That's beautiful!


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