A few years back, we passed Talladega during race time and it looked so much fun that I told Chris we really had to go there one year.  This was the year.  

Arriving on Thursday we set up in our 20 X 40 foot assigned space, on a sloping grassy.  Thus the front wheels were off the ground and I needed a foot stool to get out and in.  Soon we were surrounded by trailers, campers, RVs and tents and  huge wood piles.  
This was the view from our site when we arrived.

We first tried a bucket for me to step down, the stool was safer.  Note this was before any fires were lit and folks were just arriving.

This was the start of their wood pile for night one.  (Never can organize my photos for this blog).

Chris lighting our barbe, no we did not dine al fresco!

  At nightfall, camp fires sprouted up everywhere, it was about 88degrees in the daytime so this was not a necessity for warmth but rather a point to gather, drink and whoop it up.  To complete the set up required many very large ice chests packed with beer. Kitty corner a DJ erected a dance floor complete with flashing lights and speakers that blasted forth music(?).   So the party began and went from dusk until.....    By night two the whole area was engulfed in smoke.  We retreated to our nest.   We expected that everyone would leave Sunday night after the race.  Wrong the party went on although by midnight the only noise was from the hundreds of portable generators.   Then at 2am the sounds of engines starting up, breaking camp was in full swing,  by dawn we were on the road head home.  
Now don't get the idea we were stuck in the midst of a youth camp, most of these folks were the forty plus set sprinkled with a few twenty somethings.  
The race was very exciting.  It is a terrific track surrounded by hills deep in the Alabama countryside.  In fact Alabama is a very beautiful state.


  1. That was an interesting post. Honestly, I can't imagine doing that ourselves. My DH would go nuts with all those people so close. LOL!


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