Arrived home to carnage in the kitchen.  The victim, a young bunny, left on the threshold of
 the kitchen, skin torn from throat, and blood every where.  
The usual suspects were rounded up :   Spunky was rounded up hiding in his special safe house

Tripper was found on the deck, his favorite look out  for spotting enemies entering his territory.  Spunky gave me his witch cat look and when questioned and made an effort to escape and get the corpse.  Tripper gave a meowing yes when asked if he caught it !!!   Bunny was dispatched to the garbage can and the ffloor cleaned.   A  large glass of wine was required to continue with unpacking my finds from the Quilt fest.  An hour or so later the phone rang and a neighbor told me they had come over and turned off the septic tank alarm.  Did I say Chris was gone for 5 days hunting!  It never happens when he is here.  So I had to hunt down the septic tank repair people.  Fortunately i remembered how Chris had all that organized.   So all was going well and I could relax and talk to the cats about their behaviour while finishing the bottle of wine,  Monepulciano d' Abruzzo, $8.95 from Whole Foods.  Eventually off to bed but while cleaning my teeth I noticed anawful odor. Then I saw why, cascading down the wall from the bathroom window sill was vomit.   Up on the bathroom window sill was a huge pile of that looked very like fur and.....  couldn't look. Obviously Spunky as Tripper, who throws up all the time could never manage so much.  Spunky is always ready to eat and eat lots.  CSI not needed here.   Such a pleasant home coming. 
So after an incredible 4 days in Houston life caught up.  Then it was back to hassling with the credit agencies about my Identity theft they refuse to remove the perpetrator's name off my report and they added a collection agency to the report even though with a fraud alert .  
I do not know why the spcaing has gone like this on this entry.


  1. While the owner's away, the cats will play. . .I think I would have needed the wine to clean up that mess.


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