houston quilt fest

This is  Jamie Fingal with her new book.  Jamie always uses bright colors so I love her quilts.  She was in the book swap organized by Janet Ghio so it's great to see her.  
Also at the Make it U was Frances Holliday Alford and guess what?  She was making button pieces.  Sh is lots of fun and we are gong to swap post cards.
Oh here is another masterpiece of photography Maggie Winfield's shoes.  I just love them.  The dress is rather good.  She had a mermaid piece in the Bernina show.  It was one of the garments that looked good from afar as well as scrumptious up close.
This was someone doing a section in the class on Thursday afternoon called Mixed Media miscellany.  Unfortunately it was sort of disorganized and so it was impossible to see most of the artists.  The only positive thing I left with is that i never want to do encaustic anything.  Too much work and pots etc.  It brought back memories of old aunts and Victorian memorabilia they all had around their home.  In Texas I think it would have to be a winter hobby and need a special AC room for showing.

Scene from Karey's reception:  Pokey Bolton the only fashionista around!  I don't think she stamped that top!   

As usual the exhibits were incredible and the winners were there to discuss how they made their works of art.  Truly I am biased as work in fabric is so superior to other art forms as it requires not just imagination, creativity etc., but skill, a practiced craft and so much knowledge.  Each year the show seems to find more  great artists and their quilts. 


  1. oh yikes! I am SO glad I wore tights. That was a short dress!

  2. Hi Monica, I tried to reply to your email from the other day but it came back as undeliverable. Can you email me?


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