Quilt Fest Houston

Houston is always so much fun and a chance to catch up with old friends and on line names.
This is Peggy my sewing mate from Houston. 

 She creates fabulous clothes and really is into Sandra Betzina and all those creative designers in Vogue Patterns although her true love is Burda.  Since Peggy is over six foot she really looks good in designer fashions.  She and I spent some real time critiquing quilts and vendor booths as well as spending money.This is a Sandra Betzina jacket.  She had me all fired up about making clothes again.  I am going to make some leggings and other funky stuff.  Peggy also introduced me to the Chico outlet store in Houston.  
 This is Peggy with Hannah another sewing buddy.  Hannah is always making all kind of things and is very skilled.  We three attended the last Bernina Fashion Show together.  Later Peggy and I viewed the garment on the festival floor and realized how little you can see from from far away.  We also listened to several of the designers speak about their garments.   So much skill and talent.  Since we all watched Project Runway it all appeared at little old fashioned rather like a wedding show.

I think I am beginning to understand why everyone stick all the photos in a group.  Organizing them is a pain on the blog or is this another lack of technical ability on my part. 


  1. Hi Monica--Thanks for the shout-out! Always so much fun hanging out with you. You help keep me out of trouble, mostly!


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