Chrismas is OVER

Carolyn and Dwight came over for a cocktail evening on Monday and she and I were on cranberry juice.  The party girls are currently under going restoration and refinishing, (Carolyn gave blood to store for surgery and I was under the influence of antibiotics).  
Chris brought in a cedar sapling and I decorated it in a minimal style.  Here you see Tripper giving it the once over.  We named it the "Miracle Tree" as it's a miracle it remains standing and there are no broken balls.

This was a strange Christmas.  My wrist is just about healed so I was all ready to sew, cook and create.  Then wam bam!! bladder infection known as UTI.  Worst of all after ignoring it for a week then drowning in cranberry juice and pills I realized what it was and bought an OTC concoction that fixes symptoms, not the infection.  Friday during my trip to Central Market for meat I could not stop shivering.  It was an aweful day and I just did not browse or have fun just shivered myself through my shopping list and headed home.  An instant diagnosis by Nurse Kay along with appropriate antibiotic and it's now OK.  Antibiotics make you feel awful so I stumbled through making last minute gifts  and some ridiculous red silk place mats for our Christmas table. (Too much Sandra Lee).

 I made  note cards and little pockets to hold them for three girls friends and for two of their guys little business card holders and "fun" business cards.  This is Gary's.  He has one of those electric systems, a sort of karaoke,  so we are about to be come the not so fabulous four.  

I made the cards on Print Master and used an image from my stash

This is how it looked closed
This is the card pocket for Sue I wrapped a gold ribbon around it then attached the cat pin I found at the Houston International Quilt Fest.  He looks like Hu Dat her Burmese cat.

And for all the cat friends I made some cat nip sacks.  This meant that for 3 days my studio was the center of deep investigation every night along with a "watch" on the closet where the mix De Chat is housed.  The cases are made from  crumpled, painted brown paper, fused to felt and finished with a Golden gel medium and stitched.    The other two were different but i wrapped them immediately.  The friends who  received them enjoy handmade gift so it is a joy to make gifts for them.  

I cooked a boneless beef roast for dinner with help from Chris and Sue.  Chris made mince pies and peeled the potatoes, Sue helped with the gravy.    This is Sue and Gary

It was a fun day though I did not stick to my resolution to not drink as the antibiotics do not like alcohol.  I had to try each Pinot Noir we served.  So somewhere around 1 am I was visited by Mr Antibiotic and read the riot act!

So I have to organize my studio and do something with the floor before Chris finishes my cutting table.

Sew on  MONICA


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