getting old

On Monday Chris and I made pink grapefruit marmalade.  It turned out fabulous.  We have 5 jars.  I think next time we should get smaller jars.  We never give it to anyone as it is tart and bitter and not really on the American palate.  Cooking is my other passion.  Just bought a mullti task stock pot from Calaphon and now understand why everyone says buy a goo pot.  It is much easier than using the corck pot as I can brown everything in it. Have I cooked up a storm!!!

Just recovering from carpel tunnel surgery and my hand does feel OK and I can hold pens, paint brush and needle though I must wear the brace for a month.  So that's fixed and now guess what my right foot seems to have a problem.  It's enough to piss off the pope.

Back to making Christmas gifts and using ideas from Sue Bleisweiss class.  I will post them after they are given.   I never quite finished it as we were travelling and I am about to blast off when I get rid of this brace.  I bought lots of silk hankies at the Boernie weavers show.  So a crop of vases will  emerge.  Currently into brown paper another item in her class for making journals.  


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