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Playing withTechniques

Working on projects based on "The Painted Quilt".  Once a month a friend and I meet to work on some of their techniques.  We have been distracted so this month I determined to go home and work on the fabric I had dyed at her studio.  She was using thick dye paste and it happened to be blue.  We decided that the fabric from my stash was not me as they were pastels so I applied te paste and at home washed it out painted a flower designed then stitched it.  The stitches do not show on this photo

This piece started with tissue that was fused to fabric then painted.  The idea for this piece was our land.  Months of drought have dried up everything and the rocks look bare.  The deer have eaten just about everything and the green patches are tattered cactus and century plants.   So i wanted to get some 3 D effects.  The upper right was an envelope of a plastic with a bubble wrap interior.  It was painted then a heat gun was used.  This only shrank the bubble wrap.  below this is Tyv…

Exploring techniques


A get well note

I made this shoe for a friend who had back surgery.  The note says:  "Hope you are soon in the pink.  May you soon put your best foot forward'.  The shoe was painted with acrylic paint, that never dried.  Then pearls were glued to it along with flowers and a silk lining.

sketch book sort of

I am having difficulty posting so all the images are  out of order.  This is Daytona at the race track Here is the sketch book of Talledega.  Quite a different adventure.

This is the reunion with my childhood friends Shelagh and Sandra.  

This is my sketch book of my trip to Florida to Dayton and a reunion.  I am having problems downloading the images.
This is the first page and it's mainly glued images.  We parked the RV at Sam's in Lafayette going for Cajun food before heading east.
This is day 2 when it rained and I painted and drew the day,
Here is the back cover, it does not show up too well as it is all glittery
here is the front cover the orange balls are actual bead oranges. 
here is the map and a stopover on the emerald coast.

Every year at the HIQF  I meet up with my friend Peggy and we check out stuff.  Peggy is a fabulous seamstress and always ignites my love of making wearables.  As a casual retiree who wears shorts in the summer and pants in the winter, the latter bought from Chico's, and casual knit tops from Target, making apparel is totally impractical.  So there we are looking at Lycra knits and my mind goes beyond the senior moment to "have you lost your mind".  Furthermore encouragement comes from Peggy and there I am with yardage and ideas.  Furthermore a  99c  pattern sale at HL resulted in two patterns going home with me.  One for leggings and one for jeans.  Before I had my wrist surgery I struggled to cut out the legging pattern and with no idea how you figure out size.  I made them up and they were tight so that was that.  Hand surgery over and stitches gone I decided to finish them and wear for new Years Eve.  Here they are!   
I look like an escaped gnome.  I must wear them f…


Whenever my friend Peggy and I meet up she ignites my love of making clothes.  This is not really a good idea for I am one of those casual retirees who never goes to anything where pants or shorts are not acceptable dress. NovebThere we were in Houston at Quilt Fest looking at dress fabrics and guess who bought a slinky lycra knit?  AND when I went to HL they had a 99c sale on McCalls so I bought two a leggins and a jeans pattern.  This was a snior moment.  even worse before my hand surgery I struggled to cut them out, unsure as to how you measure yourself for such a garmeent I made a few guesses. Above are the results.