Every year at the HIQF  I meet up with my friend Peggy and we check out stuff.  Peggy is a fabulous seamstress and always ignites my love of making wearables.  As a casual retiree who wears shorts in the summer and pants in the winter, the latter bought from Chico's, and casual knit tops from Target, making apparel is totally impractical.  So there we are looking at Lycra knits and my mind goes beyond the senior moment to "have you lost your mind".  Furthermore encouragement comes from Peggy and there I am with yardage and ideas.  Furthermore a  99c  pattern sale at HL resulted in two patterns going home with me.  One for leggings and one for jeans.  Before I had my wrist surgery I struggled to cut out the legging pattern and with no idea how you figure out size.  I made them up and they were tight so that was that.  Hand surgery over and stitches gone I decided to finish them and wear for new Years Eve.  Here they are!   

I look like an escaped gnome.  I must wear them for the next neighborhood get together.  Ha ! Ha!


  1. Darling, You look absolutwely smashing!!

    Desert Star

  2. They fit perfectly and look GREAT! Now are you going to try the Chanel jacket?!


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