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Working on projects based on "The Painted Quilt".  Once a month a friend and I meet to work on some of their techniques.  We have been distracted so this month I determined to go home and work on the fabric I had dyed at her studio.  She was using thick dye paste and it happened to be blue.  We decided that the fabric from my stash was not me as they were pastels so I applied te paste and at home washed it out painted a flower designed then stitched it.  The stitches do not show on this photo

This piece started with tissue that was fused to fabric then painted.  The idea for this piece was our land.  Months of drought have dried up everything and the rocks look bare.  The deer have eaten just about everything and the green patches are tattered cactus and century plants.   So i wanted to get some 3 D effects.  The upper right was an envelope of a plastic with a bubble wrap interior.  It was painted then a heat gun was used.  This only shrank the bubble wrap.  below this is Tyvek painted and distressed.  the pale green is fused silk and the bright green is heat stressed cellophane. The bottom piece is a wrapping material.  I added some bits of needle lace.  It need more work 

These two pieces were inspired  by Cloth Paper Scissors Volume 2 Extreme Experiment by Dale Rollerson.  It stuck in my memory so I decided in July 2008 to make it.  The red one resulted and also caused my Carpal Tunnel to flame up as I hand stitched each cut out.  The blue was made in November just before surgery and NOT hand sewn.  I made the piece without as many layers as the original and machined the edges.  The streamers are from poly chiffon cut with a soldering iron.  
Next week we are making stencils.


  1. Gorgeous! Love those daisies!

  2. Gorgeous! Love those daisies!

  3. LOL! I made that same CPS project when it came out. Mine was brown. I liked it and then someone else did too, and now it hangs on a friend's wall! I like your red version


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