sketch book sort of

I am having difficulty posting so all the images are  out of order.  This is Daytona at the race track
Here is the sketch book of Talledega.  Quite a different adventure.

This is the reunion with my childhood friends Shelagh and Sandra.  

This is my sketch book of my trip to Florida to Dayton and a reunion.  I am having problems downloading the images.

This is the first page and it's mainly glued images.  We parked the RV at Sam's in Lafayette going for Cajun food before heading east.

This is day 2 when it rained and I painted and drew the day,
Here is the back cover, it does not show up too well as it is all glittery
here is the front cover the orange balls are actual bead oranges. 
here is the map and a stopover on the emerald coast.


  1. Those are so kewl... I keep a travel sketch book too, but it is not nearly as interesting as yours. Keep up the good works. Regards,


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