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Fabric techniques swap

I am in a Lenna Andrews(  ) swap called Fabric Techniques.  It is my first time to participate with this first group.  Most are mixed media artists that to me implies using lots of Victorian people and layers of stamping etc.   I'm not too into old and images of Victorians but I do love playing with fabric techniques so my first creation was made with tissue paper fabric,  painted and destructed Tyvek and other materials.  the inspiration came when looking down from my deck at the parched earth.  I was not too pleased with  this piece, so I made another based on my monthly art day with Deanie.  
This is the one I submitted.  The background is painted and torn paper towels fused to muslin that were then stitched down in a grid. To this 3 motifs were chemically bonded  ( isn't that a fabulous euphemism for glued).  The motifs were cut from a painted, stamped and stencilled piece of muslin that was backed with batting and commercial fabric then q…


This was my studio as it was first set up.  Continuous reorganizations and new interests push its limits.  I started by redoing top shelves with least used items and labeling boxes and in some cases shelves.
The cutting/work table was a folding table from Lowes. with my old cutting board sadly etched and damaged with heat guns and paint.  To be expected after 25 years of heavy use.  So enter my own personal handyman to build me a new cutting table, drawers WalMart specials.   
Here it is waiting to be painted and finished.  So it was off to the garage where Chris rounded the corners and I painted.
Now installed,  the plastic cloth is my painting cover so the cutting board is not damaged.  Note ironing board..... An old pillowslip case is used for pressing as the cover is full of fuse  and this size cover is no longer available and to make one would be a bore.
Now here its project ready!!!!!  oh the  paint job was cut back as it will have an edge strip when my personal carpenter has to lea…

My sewing room

A Day in La Grange

Karey B of quilts Inc., invited the Quiltart members for a day at her ranch where she has an artists in residence program.  Virginia Spiegal and Barbara Moor, the artists in residence where leaving Feb 28 after a month of working on their art.   So we all descended and spent a fantastic day.  Silly me should have thought to apply to stay over as it is 186 miles from Kerrville and the round trip was a killer.   
Here is the dormitory of the creativity center.  This has to be the ultimate chic art center in the country. Here are three of Karey's staff.  On the left is Judy Murrah the person responsible for my abiding interest in playing with fabric and embellishment.  Her classes on jackets opened up a world of experimentation and fun for many, many women.  Her books were quite revolutionary now, every time I see a new book of techniques and quilting "misuses" I can bet that Judy  was there before them.  SO to Judy I owe not only my passion but my fear of throwing any scrap …

Florida part 2

Finally get how to do images .  you start with the most recent and work back then add words.  So simple.  Perhaps if I blogged every day I would remember how it's done. That and along with learning Picasa.  
Sophie Started to play with Martini's leash and the poor hound thought he was headed for walkies.
Men at play.  Frank, Chris and Brian watching the Daytona.  
Alana the birthday girl.
At the Coconut Grove Art Fair we found this incredible artist who made should life like figures from resin, I never wrote down his name as I had no pen and paper with me and so have committed a grave sin in the eyes of the copyright police.  One of the times you want to be rich and able to afford such creations.
Soon after the camera battery failed and since I forgot to bring the charger there are no more photos of this trip.

Florida 2009 part one

Once again blogger has fooled me and the photos are out of order
Chris with Sandra .  She'd cooking he's mixing a G&T Shelagh with Alana and Sophie.  Alana is opening her birthday presentsSophie is preparing to eat the present
Shelagh and I in our RV.  Note fabric post cards dsplayed on the wall.
Brian taking a swing.  Chris was very envious of his mastery of the swing