A Day in La Grange

Karey B of quilts Inc., invited the Quiltart members for a day at her ranch where she has an artists in residence program.  Virginia Spiegal and Barbara Moor, the artists in residence where leaving Feb 28 after a month of working on their art.   So we all descended and spent a fantastic day.  Silly me should have thought to apply to stay over as it is 186 miles from Kerrville and the round trip was a killer.   

Here is the dormitory of the creativity center.  This has to be the ultimate chic art center in the country.
Here are three of Karey's staff.  On the left is Judy Murrah the person responsible for my abiding interest in playing with fabric and embellishment.  Her classes on jackets opened up a world of experimentation and fun for many, many women.  Her books were quite revolutionary now, every time I see a new book of techniques and quilting "misuses" I can bet that Judy  was there before them.  SO to Judy I owe not only my passion but my fear of throwing any scrap of thread, fabric, an odd bead or button away.  Every woman should meet a Judy in their life and discover the fun to be had from testing the limits of skills and escaping conventions.
Karey telling us about shows in the neighborhood.
Frances Halliday demoing something crazy.


  1. Monica, you are my Judy! You are the funnest person I know! XOXO Peggy


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