Florida part 2

Finally get how to do images .  you start with the most recent and work back then add words.  So simple.  Perhaps if I blogged every day I would remember how it's done. That and along with learning Picasa.  

Sophie Started to play with Martini's leash and the poor hound thought he was headed for walkies.

Men at play.  Frank, Chris and Brian watching the Daytona.  
Alana the birthday girl.
At the Coconut Grove Art Fair we found this incredible artist who made should life like figures from resin, I never wrote down his name as I had no pen and paper with me and so have committed a grave sin in the eyes of the copyright police.  One of the times you want to be rich and able to afford such creations.
Soon after the camera battery failed and since I forgot to bring the charger there are no more photos of this trip.


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