This was my studio as it was first set up.  Continuous reorganizations and new interests push its limits.  I started by redoing top shelves with least used items and labeling boxes and in some cases shelves.

The cutting/work table was a folding table from Lowes. with my old cutting board sadly etched and damaged with heat guns and paint.  To be expected after 25 years of heavy use.  So enter my own personal handyman to build me a new cutting table, drawers WalMart specials.   

Here it is waiting to be painted and finished.  So it was off to the garage where Chris rounded the corners and I painted.
Now installed,  the plastic cloth is my painting cover so the cutting board is not damaged.  Note ironing board..... An old pillowslip case is used for pressing as the cover is full of fuse  and this size cover is no longer available and to make one would be a bore.

Now here its project ready!!!!!  oh the  paint job was cut back as it will have an edge strip when my personal carpenter has to learn how to attach it  and I plan a zillion hooks and the like to hold tools.  Also have to plan what goes in the next 4 drawers.  It is a perfect height to stand and cut but to bead I use a stool.


  1. Hi Monica,
    I love your studio! It looks so big and airy and organized. And those orange walls, wow! Wonder what they match?

  2. Monica, it looks great and now you are ready to play! Kudos to Chris!


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