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On the road again

The RV is all loaded up, well almost I keep finding things like my water color pencils.  I am continuing to use the journal Sue Bleisweiss gave me.  it is so beautiful.  Used it for the Florida trip and it is a perfect size.  On this trip most of my entries will be from free travel guides etc.  torn and glued with a little sketching and scribbles.
Part of this trip is an RV rally.  Last year it was in Montgomery Texas so we went to Messina Hoff vineyard and following lunch enjoyed a great wine tasting.  This year we will be taking off often as we are right there by the  Paso and central coast wineries1  The Rally is in Bakersfield.

Also will visit the Seven Sisters Quilt Fest in SLO at the Madonna Inn.   En route I plan to bead.  Hopefully there are bead shops with great seed beads in the area.  It came as a horrible shock to realize that size6 bead is not a good size for seed bead creations.  So I have a bag full of beads and will spend those long hours on I 10 digging around grunting a…

Whining not wining

Now my wrist and thumb are fixed up I am back into beading.  Low and behold!!! I have nothing that truly goes with anything.  All the beads purchased at Milwaukee last year were size 6.  now, why was I not aware that most beaded jewelry requires size 8 or 11?  There is no where here to buy seed beads, San Antonio has yet to reveal a good seed bead shop open daily during regular business hours.  There is a shop in Boerne and it opens at 10:30 for some reason I can never arrive when it's open or I am not beat from shopping in SA.  San Antonio does have a terrific stamp shop Stamp Antonio Arts  .  They create such interesting stuff and carry temptaions like no-one else.   it's enough to break the bank.  they have what is required when I travel and keep a journal.   To occupy myself  traveling down  I10 west requires something to do with hand and mind and that is beading.  So I must find a bead shop in central CA around Bakersfield and meanwhile figure…


This is my first bead embroidery bracelet and project since carpal tunnel surgery.  Beads were additions to silk embroidery never the star then.....   Vilene (an Aussie product like Timtex but thinner)was used as the base.   At the B&B show in Milwaukee last summer I bought two products, propeller beads and a brass bracelet base  for future use and somewhere read about bead embroidery.  I drew a design based on some art deco jewelry  and abandoned it day 2 of the project. Lets face it, I love to be free of all restraints!  I used some red sued for inside the brass bracelet and glued it with Beacons 3 In One.
 The bracelet was started on my trip to Florida.  On returning home two books on cabochons arrived.   I read and re read Sherri S & Heidi K's book just to feel I was on the right path.  I may have done better if i received it prior to starting the project and had a cabochon;  I loved their finishing techniques.   The big thing I learned from this project is the inside s…