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12 x 12 swap

When i arrived home from our trip my swap from Creative Lenna was waiting for me.  It is by Sharon Walworth and she is definately on a different track than me.  I have put it up on my studio wall. I could never make anything like it as it is so neat and precise.  She even bound the edges.   It does look great on the wall.  My photo does not do it justice.


California is the promised land.  It was spring and the farmers markets were full of lush strawberries and fabulous green veggies many of which I did not recognize.  We visited wineries in the Paso area and the San Ynez valley.   We spent a lot of time in SLO in a regional Park next to a place called the Men's Colony.  It was not a monastery as I thought!  We had a fabulous time and I tried to take photos to remind me of all the places we went to; here are a few.
This is me at the first wine tasting of the day and a half bottle with our picnic lunch.  It was cold
We went on two tours at the Hearst castle. I love the vistas, gardens, the building  and the pools but hated the baroque interiors, all so dark and oppressive.  Another example of all it takes is money.   I did like he did his own thing but then people that rich do whatever they feel like
this is me shivering on a bench at the beach access in Cambria.  Flowers grew down the rock face all the way to the beach.
This is Lake Nac…