Size problem

This is the bracelet I made on my last trip. I thought I had measured it perfectly and it turn out too large. I really love it. I followed the video instructions at "Aunties Beads" for the African Helix stitch. My first online beading lesson. On our next trip i will make lariats in some of the standard stitches. Since the trip i have become obsessed with beads and colors. I have devoured Margie Deebes books on color and searched the web. I finally decided you have to sit with samples and audition.

Here I am celebrating my 35th Wedding Anniversary. Chris bought the gorgeous flowers for me. Such a sweetie.

here is Chris we were drinking a Navarro bubbly, very yummy


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both. Well done!

    By the way, I have fat wrists.

    Beads, I dream about them and fabric and yarns and a new box of coloured pencils and...

  2. Beautiful bouquet, beautiful beads, beautiful ....? Ran out of alliteration!


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