Peggy and Laura came to visit while on their way to look around UTSA. Here they are in my kitchen. It was so fun to see them. Peggy is my sewing and cooking buddy. She is always trying new recipes that she puts on her site. Sometimes I think she lives off cookies and goodies but she insists she cooks and eats very healthy meals. She makes the best fudge.

Now you can see that they are very tall, over 6 foot and I am very short, almost 5 foot! It was 100 degrees plus that day. In fact we have had 26 days of 100 degree temperatures. So no dining on the deck.
Now to waste more time I just discovered this site where they talk about 2 shows I sort of follow on TV. That means when I am in my studio (workspace/mess room, whatever) I have the TV on and frequently am distracted from the task at hand to watch Bravo reruns when Ovations has nothing of interest to me. Used to be my channel of choice was Food Network until they replaced chefs with loud mouth celebrity cooks and gourmet with grub. Whatever, my inroads to other channel led me to Project Runway and The Fashion Show. Supposed reality shows. Now I have found These are a couple of gay guy who are either stereotypical of gays and are bitchy or who are merely politically incorrect and gay. That aside the criticism has substance. After "sort a" watching these two shows I am blown away that anyone would have chosen to include some of the contestant who have a magazine sense of fashion and a lack of the "crafting" skills required to understand fit, fabric, design principles and a woman's body. It does seem that they weed out the worst of the worst by the time they get to the final four. I keep expecting to find a few of them sewn to a billboard somewhere by irate seamstresses, the ASG and former Bernina Fashion Show entrants! (Too many Netflix movies of sleuths infecting my life). Actually some of the finalist do have skills and abilities though largely relegated by the show producers to a fleeting glance. Anyway the two gays do have knowledge of fashion fit and craft along with a pleasant writing style that has added to my unproductively.


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