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My High Anxiety necklace

I always have something to work on when we travel and now wrist is fixed it's back to beading. I only meant to make the rope but decided to try the rest of it just for fun. It became an obsession. It is from June/July Beadwork from a project by girl wonder Scarlett Lanson. At just 18 she has become queen of glitz for her crystal bead weaving designs. I have very little in the way of crystals so I changed it up and used glass drops and other seed beads.
This is the focal bead.
here is the covered clasps and end covers that I had to work out.
here is the whole thing.
Sue gave me a birthday cake from Clark's. Luscious chocolate. We were going to a wine and food tasting for my birthday so we froze it. By Friday I was craving it so Saturday we defrosted it.

Not a happy pussy. He loves Cool Whip


Nothing going right. necklace not going together, swap bookmarks a disaster. And that DAM Facebook cannot post the photos so I will put them up here.

Northwest by west 4

S Dakota , one of the prettiest places in the USA. The heads at Mt Rushmore are very impressive although I hated the visitor centers archetecture solacking in design and like those soviet style monstrocities.
The State Park surrounding Mt Rushmore is very beautiful and the animal seem to have an attitude. This bison sure did.
I loved the Crazy Horse memorial a WIP and probably unlikely to be finished in my liefe time.

Here they are blasting a section, quite a skill, to be so precise. From here we headed home.

Northwest by west 3

Idaho a really beautiful State and SO friendly to Rvers.waterfalls everywhere in Glacier N Park
On the raod, fire ahead
Glacier NP

Northern California

This is Boonesville hotel CA. They have a wonderful garden and this is one of 3 arbors.
Here I am what a glamour puss!!!Chris at the farmers market buying bread
here we are having dinner at the hotel while little kittens played around us and apples fell from that tree. The food was fabulous and it was all local wines....the best. We even met ted Sawyer a wine maker. everyone was very friendly and it was a super evening. Note NO stiffs in suits.
Here is Chris at the navarro wine tasting. It was so much fun. The food and wine was wonderful.

pain in the ass organizing photos

thunder storm over meteor crater

Northwest by West part 1

July 26 we started our Odyssey to Glacier National Park visiting friend and attending a barrel tasting in California along the way. In temperature over 100 degrees for weeks we hoped to at least have some cool nights. Our first overnight was in Mayhill NM, a quaint "miss it if you blink" RV park on nestled in the foothills of Cloudcroft. It even rained at night allowing the automatic vent Chris just installed to open and shut perfectly. Next day we drove over the escarpment that is Cloudcroft and dropped into the wide Rio Grande valley. Pistachios and wine sales everywhere, but we press on.

this is to the Cloudcroft area This is the west side dropping into the Rio Grande Valley

July 27 in meteor Lake there was a lightening storm

Here is Chris at the gas pump in NM we were blocking the street and the bitch in the front car just had to pull in afraid we would get in before her.
That night we stayed in meteor Crator RV park what a bargain and it was clean and had power. So the n…

Northwest by West

On July 26we started an odessy that would lead us to glacier national park On the way we visited friends and attended a barrel tasting in California. Going west seemed to offer and escape from the blistering heat that has ruled Texas for weeks. Our first night was in Mayhill, NM nestkled in the hills we had a rainstorm during the cool of the night. It is such a pretty place.