The Kay Collection

This is part of my Kay collection it has a special place on my kitchen counter. My friend Kay gives me all kinds of crazy stuff usually functional. Most of them are orange! So I decided these two were the Kay Collection. On the right is Rings. Rings is really a clock but I cannot set those tiny buttons correctly. SO we found his real purpose in life- to hold my rings-when I am cooking and also as a means to prevent me just putting them down and loosing them. On the left is his friend and handy cell phone holder. Of course handy is not for folks whose cell phone has become an appendage it is for those of us who use a cell rarely and prefer to see it in a holder!

This is Pisstoff. He is a mechanical timer. you wind him up and off he goes. Isn't he absolutely fabulous!
Not photographed is Boogie a pen holder in my car.


  1. I want Pisstoff. How fabulous! All Kay's accoutrements to you life are wonderful tho.


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