This is one of the cabochons I made with help from Jamie Cloud Eakins's book. Of course they look nothing like her elegant pieces. this is my favorite. i bought the 6 stones in Bakersfield CA. They really are too thick so I had to use big beads. The crazy agates look like a captured place in another time. Most of the cabochons I have seen are very stiff and formal and I wanted to make something more relaxed and frivolous. So here it is.

This next one was forever in design as it was sort of greys and white with some yellow. After I finished it i called it crazy hair day and felt it belonged as part of a one of my "women".
So her she is as the face of my Warrior Queen ( WQ).
AND to think I actually had the photos come out in the right order. Have to keep saying "and the last shall be first".


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