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A dress for a little girl.

Upper left is the dress a fine corduroy from a Simplicity pattern.  Their instructions were pathetic and they never once said press open seams.  My skills were like me rusty and I had to look up how to insert a zipper.  Finally one of those old Singer  books had the easy way  but not before I had sewed and trimmed the pink facing.  As someone on Pattern Review (PR) put it "next time my way"  and cover the edges with the facing.  The armholes were faced with bias tape.  I think next time turn under.  The hem facing was my idea.

So tomorrow it is off to England and if it fits I will happily make more with some cute embellishments.


On the Quiltart list recently discussion centered round a magnificent quilt Golliville, a winner for workmanship at PQIF.  Between outrage over racism and the fact the quilts original design came from a pattern the list has managed to bring out the proper purse lipped puritans and policeman in all of these folks.  Few bothered to trace the origins of Gollies and the rules of the show.  I too may be flogged by the PC so I will say that the wonderful workmanship belongs to Ruth DuBord and is in memory of the friend who bought her the kit that she adapted to her design.
Gollies were popularized originally in England in late Victorian times when the Roberson Jam owner returned from a trip to the southern states with a cloth doll that he obtained from a freed slave woman.  Apparently they made the dolls for their children.  He went on to put them on the labels for his jams were they resided until recent times when they were deemed racist. English mothers created their version of the doll f…

Houston International Quilt festival

This year the festival seemed truly international with a forest from Germany, Indigo from China, an exhibition from the Tokyo Show and a delightful Russian exhibit. This was an exhibit from the heart. Life remains hard in Russia. They have limited fun spending money and treasure scraps. (Pity postage is so high I and my sewing buddies could supply the nation). Despite this hardship(?) they create beautiful works of art, full of love, vision and passion. Sadly it was an exhibition where you could not take photos as they sold a DVD from which there was no posting, copyright etc.
You can take photos of the World of Beauty and the juried show as long as you can give the artist credit. That is fine if you write it down and can read your writing or photo it or get it from the catalog that sadly i lost. So my favorites are on my screen saver, so 'Ya'll come By'. The winners are on Quilts Inc. At least they allow photos so you can look and be awed all over again. Incredib…

fabric book

Here is the fabric book Deanie and I created as a gift for the Guild president. The guild was making blocks for her to make into a Texas theme quilt and said "be sure to do your block exactly as we tell you" . So we thought it better we not do a block!!!!

L Monica Rt Deanie That is an embroidered tree below the applique

L Monica Rt Deanie
left Deanie; Rt Monica, below the Front

Inside front L Monica; Rt Deanie the flag is needle felted.


This is the topaz stone removed from a crappy ring setting. Many years ago Chris bought this for me in Hong Kong or somewhere around there. It came with earrings and a bracelet. The only thing i could wear where the earrings as the ring and bracelet where too big. No unable to wear earring I have started the topaz on a new journey. It's not that they are valuable it's just the latest crazy for me; my version of recycling or going green, well in this case brown!

After several starts and stops I downloaded Glenda Payseno's book on cabochons as she had a different method than Eakin or Serrafini/Kummil an all needle weaving technique. Technically the topaz is NOT a cabochon rather a Rivoli but they both need some kind of bezal as there are no holes. And lets face it that since the dawn of beading some ancient woman figured this out. Below is the first band for the bezel, a daisy chain. A great alternative to peyote which really requires cylinder or really really delicas.

Book Mark Swap

Stargazertome a Yahoo group has some very interesting swaps. Many of the group are doll makers, it is after all moderated by Patti Culea. The bookmark theme was "Art Deco meets Art Nouveau". Here are the bookmarks I received ( i forgot to photo mine). So from left to right Rhonda Simonis from Australia, Joy Couturas, Milford C; Fran Jenkins, Colorado;and Barbara Roberts, her mermaid has little sand dollar buttons for boobs. My photo does not do them justice they are really gorgeous. Best swap in along time.

Time waster

Since joining Face book I have come to realize that there are MANY people who waste far more time than i do online. Now i know why they all have growths on their ears, why some women seem glued to the potty in the Ladies room why other sit in their cars like stalkers only busy punching tiny buttons on cellular wonders.