This is the topaz stone removed from a crappy ring setting. Many years ago Chris bought this for me in Hong Kong or somewhere around there. It came with earrings and a bracelet. The only thing i could wear where the earrings as the ring and bracelet where too big. No unable to wear earring I have started the topaz on a new journey. It's not that they are valuable it's just the latest crazy for me; my version of recycling or going green, well in this case brown!

After several starts and stops I downloaded Glenda Payseno's book on cabochons as she had a different method than Eakin or Serrafini/Kummil an all needle weaving technique. Technically the topaz is NOT a cabochon rather a Rivoli but they both need some kind of bezal as there are no holes. And lets face it that since the dawn of beading some ancient woman figured this out. Below is the first band for the bezel, a daisy chain. A great alternative to peyote which really requires cylinder or really really delicas.

Not that it avoids peyote you have to really secure the bezel with a couple of rows. This is the back. Since the back has a point it was hard to fit and i thought the band would be too big.

its not and I was so excited. That I finished it. In fact I have yet to cut all the treads. This is actually the back view.


  1. You just keep getting better and better at beading. Blows my doors off!! MP


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