Houston International Quilt festival

This year the festival seemed truly international with a forest from Germany, Indigo from China, an exhibition from the Tokyo Show and a delightful Russian exhibit. This was an exhibit from the heart. Life remains hard in Russia. They have limited fun spending money and treasure scraps. (Pity postage is so high I and my sewing buddies could supply the nation). Despite this hardship(?) they create beautiful works of art, full of love, vision and passion. Sadly it was an exhibition where you could not take photos as they sold a DVD from which there was no posting, copyright etc.

You can take photos of the World of Beauty and the juried show as long as you can give the artist credit. That is fine if you write it down and can read your writing or photo it or get it from the catalog that sadly i lost. So my favorites are on my screen saver, so 'Ya'll come By'. The winners are on Quilts Inc. At least they allow photos so you can look and be awed all over again. Incredible works and this year they had a photo show of what inspires quilters. Loved the raccoon and the one with a wine glass at sunset. Houston is such a well laid out exhibition and vendor show, the influence of a woman of taste, Karey Bresenham.

So here are friends Hannah and Peggy towering over me. It was so much fun to go shopping with them. We were thrilled to see the resurgence of Sweat shirt jackets. We all bought fabulous patterns for a bag from Peacock Patterns. Now i can use my 20 years of accumulated silks all, part of a retirement plan to make crazy quilts; a plan abandoned in month 2 of retirement,.

Hannah, Monica and Peggy

This is the line 10 minutes after the show opened on Friday. I think women shopped to jump start the economy with great passion and spirit.
Here are three visitors from Japan. Peggy and i thought they were edgy, super cool or what ever adjective you prefer for young styles. I left the woman in green shirt in as I thought it sort of generational !

I intended to photo the gals at Beyond Beadery. I have seen them once a year for at least 20 years or from when they were skinny cool chicks. They have remained cool if not skinny. Their display is so full of glitz and color I immediately abandon my "list" and get home and go "what was I thinking". That was my big spend. For $100 of beads you come away with a quart Zip Lock bag.


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