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Thanksgiving 2009

Sue and her brother Tom.  This is the first time I have used Picasa to add photos.  Sue prepared a great feast as always and even gave us leftovers to take home.So the feast goes on.

Menieres Disease

When  was diagnosed with Menieres Disease back in the late 70"s.  There was no information anywhere.  Now there is plenty on-line.  Regretablly, they are just as far from finding a way to prevent or arrest it and it appears to be a cluster of  symptoms.  From what I read on the web people remain in a superstitious round of searches for a "cure".  I found relief from vertigo by taking SERC a drug you have to have compounded in the USA, if you do not have the sense to go to Canada Pharmacy.  Now I found a young ENT guy in my little Texas town who specializes in the dizzies.  He knows all about Menieres.  He also put me on 16mg a twice a day of SERC as it has a short life in the body.  I had me on 24mg once a day.  Well lets face it back in the mid 90's when I research friend put me onto the Bandolier sight no US ENT admitted to knowing about SERC.  Since I have had the disease for over 30 years it has now entered a final stage where the tinnitus will not go away.  I j…

RAW necklace my design

I tried uploading this to the Yahoo Group Beadchat and it would not work so i placed it here.  This is from an I phone photo.